3 Legged Thing – What’s With The Blue?

March 28th, 2013 by Clay Cook

We get a lot of questions about the colors used on 3 Legged Thing tripods. What ‘s with the blue ball head and bronze frame?

Danny Darkside explains it all with a some help from Keith and Troy The Turkey. 


Hi. I’m Danny, from 3-Legged Thing. People often ask us, “What’s with the color scheme?” Allow me to explain, with a little help from my mate, Keith. Did you know black is the only color that doesn’t occur in nature? With the exception of pandas, penguins, and ninjas, all of which are entirely fictional. Why is it that the one color that doesn’t occur in nature is the one color that consistently appears on tripods? How does that make any sense?

In one of our early reviews, the reviewer, a wildlife photographer, whilst highly-acclaiming the product, suggested that he could never use one of our tripods because the ball heads were blue; yeah, because wildlife is afraid of blue. Birds, frightened of blue. Fish, terrified of blue.

We collected 10,000 images of the planet; landscapes, cityscapes, architecture, seascapes, wildlife shots, and then went through a painstaking process to ascertain which colors occurred most often through those images. Number 1 was this blue. Number 2, the bronze. 2/3 of our planet is this color. Isn’t it time your tripod made more sense?

Why, thank you, mythical beast.




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