AquaTech Sensory Gloves in Rocky Mountain National Park

December 31st, 2009 by Theodore Stark

Winter photography presents its own set of challenges. These extend beyond the technical aspects of getting your shot. Staying warm while still having the ability to access your gear is of vital importance. By having the right gear to keep yourself warm, you can focus your attention on the photography.

When it comes to gloves used by photographers, winter challenges multiply, as bulky gloves do not allow you to perform simple tasks like removing a lens cap or using your camera's controls and buttons.  Additionally, many of us now use mobile devices with touch screens. Nothing is worse than being in the field, having your phone ring, and having to remove your glove(s) to answer the call.

Enter the AquaTech Sensory Gloves.


AquaTech has a solid reputation for their quality and innovative designs when it comes to protecting cameras from the elements. I was intrigued when I first saw the AquaTech Sensory gloves and based on AquaTech's reputation alone; I decided to order a pair.

Upon arrival, I will admit, I had my concerns. Although elegantly innovative in the design of the inner and outer shell and the sensory holes in the pointer and thumb, I still had my concerns over how a lightweight glove could keep my hand warm.

On a recent winter trip to Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, I put the gloves to the test. As anyone who has been in RMNP during the winter can tell you, the wind is a constant source of annoyance. Moreover, the snow and temperatures with a wind chill of zero made things dicey.

My initial concerns about the AquaTech Sensory gloves turned out to be unfounded. They most certainly live up to the reputation of the other AquaTech products. The gloves did a wonderful job of keeping my hands warm while still allowing me to control the camera (and my phone). The lightweight nature of the gloves gave me more control over my equipment, something you lose with more bulky gloves. The small, neoprene holes in the pointer and thumb are rather ingenious in terms of design. You push your finger and thumb through these holes when you need control.  No more peeling half the glove finger off, leaving your fingers exposed and cold.  This innovation gave me full control over my camera while keeping my hands warm.

What I found most impressive about the AquaTech Sensory gloves was that when I took off my gloves, after being in the wind, snow, and cold, my hands were actually sweaty. My hands, for once, may have been the warmest part of my body.


When using the gloves on my iPhone, they performed as expected. Because of the placement of the holes on the palm side, the gloves do bunch up slightly, and may block some of your view of your phone screen.  A minor nit, but necessary by design.

If you are looking for a glove to provide you warmth this winter and still allow you to control your camera (or answer your phone), give the AquaTech Sensory gloves a try. Their new design and light weight are a leap ahead of other photo gloves.  You won’t be disappointed.


Theodore A. Stark is a Colorado native and an avid nature, wildlife, and architectural photographer. He also does portraiture work, focusing in the candid style.  He and his wife, Erin, currently live in Centennial, Colorado.

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  1. Jeremy Pollack says:

    I *love* my AquaTech Sensory gloves. I had a pair of those pseudo-mittens that flip open to reveal fingerless gloves before, and the AquaTech Sensory are *so* much better. I have found that my fingers still sometimes get a touch cold in extreme wind and cold, so I bought a second pair a size larger, and a pair of wool fingerless gloves and it made a huge difference. The two exposed fingers is enough that I can go all day long without ever taking them off, working with the camera, lenses, phone/ipod touch, even eating on the go.

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