Camera Awesome is Awesomely Creative

March 6th, 2012 by Rick Sammon
Camera Awesome image by Rick Sammon

I downloaded a new iPhone app this morning: Camera Awesome by SmugMug. Above is my first Camera Awesome image, created from the original iPhone photo below of the New Croton Dam.

Original dull and boring photo by Rick Sammon

Awesome, indeed.

The free app (with paid options) offers unlimited creative control over photos you take with the iPhone, as well as photos that are in your Photos gallery on your iPhone.

Getting back to “unlimited” creative control, the app has almost 300 presets, filters, texture and frames, but you can tweet them and combine them for endless, and original, effects. Thirty-six of the effects, more than enough to start your photo fun, are free. You can buy other effects in groups of nine for 99 cents.

For the opening image for this post, I used the More Wang effect, one of the man Presents. Other cool effects/options include: Awesomize, Transform, Filters and Texture.

By the way, I chose More Wang because I wanted to add an aged-photo look to my photo of the dam, which was under construction from 1892 to 1906. It’s an aged, and aging, dam. I lead a workshop here in fall, which is an awesome photo experience.

While at the dam, I emailed the pictures to myself. Uploading pictures to SmugMug (at full resolution), Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa and Photobucket are other options.

As illustrated in the above screen grabs, adding effects with a top of the screen or swipe of a slider is fast, easy – and fun.

Rick Sammon

Among the many cool feature in Camera Awesome is one that lets you apply a favorite effect to several images. For example, if you have several photos of big cats, you may want to apply the same effect to each image.

No! I did not take the photo of the lion and jaguar with my iPhone. I used my Canon digital SLRs and lenses Yes! As I mentioned, you can enhance any photo from your Photos gallery on your iPhone with Camera Awesome, too.

Enough reading already! Download the free app and awaken the artist within.

Explore the light,

P.S. I have a few if my own apps, for both the iPhone and iPad, too. Check them out here. Read about the iPhone accessories I use and recommend while you are there.



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