Control The Light With Two Simple Tools

July 2nd, 2012 by Mike Moats

For the macro photographer working with natural light, here is a tip to help improve your photos.

Here are two simple and inexpensive products that I carry with me in the field for controlling light.

12″ Translucent (diffuser) with the  FMS  Field Macro Support

The great advantage that macro photographers have over nature photographers who shoot landscape and wildlife is we can control the light hitting our subject. Landscape and wildlife photographers have to deal with what ever mother nature throws down on their subjects (harsh sunlight, heavy overcast skies) without any ability to control it.

Because of the small size of our subjects and a little help from these two items , we take control.

The image on the left was shot on a cloudy day, and as you can see, even on a cloudy day the light from overhead can wash out the color on the top of a flower.  By positioning the 12″ diffuser over top of the flower, you can see the image on the right, the color of the flower is restored with the shading of the diffuser.

Here is another example of controlling harsh overhead light with the diffuser.

This leaf is blown out on the top with no diffuser.

Here I add the diffuser over top, and the color comes back.

So what do we use the FMS “Field Macro Support” for? It’s for holding the Diffuser in place.  The stake goes in the ground next to the subject and the clamp on the other end does a great job holding the diffuser.    “Field Macro Support” can work close to the subject, and allows you to move around the subject free of the diffuser.

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