Eckla Eagle Car Door Support Video Review

August 25th, 2011 by Chris Klapheke

Good friend and incredible bird photographer Alan Murphy came in last week to shoot a series of videos, both on bird tips and on products.  We had a fun time shooting finches and woodpeckers out on my deck, and have some great footage.

Our first video is on the Eagle Car Door Support from Eckla.  Alan reviews all the features of this sturdy mount, which makes shooting from your vehicle a breeze.

You can see the Eckla Eagle in the OPG store here.

Alan has an incredibly detailed and useful best-selling ebook “Songbird Setup Photography” in the store.  You can also check out Alan’s images and workshops at his website here.  Thanks Alan!

View the Eckla Eagle Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Alan Murphy. I’m a bird photographer. Many times I like to take pictures out of my car window. So I’m going to share with you a great product that allows me to do that. This is the Eckla Eagle Car Door Mount. This is a window mount designed to work with your large lenses, like the 600 or 400.

This is made out of stainless steel and aluminum. It is built in Germany, and this is going to allow you to attach a gimbal head or a ball head, or you can even still use your bean bag. This is very, very strong material, and it’s very lightweight. This is much lighter than using one of those filled in bean bags. It also has an integrated bubble level, and this is great for lining up and getting everything level.

So I’m going to go ahead and show you how to adjust this. I’m going to mount this up, and I’m going to show you all the adjustments and how I go about using this.

All right. Now we have it set up in the car. I’m going to go through what I did to set it up. First of all, we have a couple of adjustable levers right here, and what that does, it allows you to adjust for the thickness of your door, which is a nice feature. We have a couple of levers right here that will allow you to adjust this angle, and you do that so that you can get this plate nice and level. You’ll know that’s level because you used the spirit bubble level that’s built in, which is a great feature.

Down here, we have a couple of adjustable levers that will allow you to extend this plate down so that you can snug it right on top of the car door handle, and every car brand has the handle at a different distance. So that’s a really nice feature as well.

Once that’s all set up, you can see that it’s really, really secure, and that will support any amount of weight.

We have our tripod mount. That is the last thing, right here, that will go back and forth. I really like this because sometimes I’m using a shorter lens and I want to use the mount for the back and closer to my face, or if I’m using a long 600 millimeter lens, I can put my mount further out here.

Now that we have this all set up, I’m going to show how it looks with a gimbal head.

All right. So here you can see that we have it mounted with a gimbal head on and a large 600 millimeter lens. If you look at the smoothness of the action of this, this is as if you were just shooting on a tripod. So it’s very, very sturdy, very secure, and I like that.

Also, depending on the height of your gimbal head, rather if you have a large tall ball head or a higher gimbal head than this, or a large bean bag, these adjustments here will allow you to drop this plate down, so it will give you more room and give you more headway out of here.

One other feature I like about this is when I’m shooting at refuges or out in wildlife preserves and I want to drive another 200 yards, all I have to do is just turn my lens in, lock that down, and go. I don’t have to take anything down. It’s a nice feature.

So one of the really special benefits about this window mount is that you can also mount it on the outside of the car. This is primarily the way that I shoot, and the reason for that is I can attach my gimbal head, but I can also attach my flash bracket. So now I have the use of flash for my photography shooting from the car, which you cannot do with a bean bag.

So you can see the perspective from the inside of the car. I really like this window mount. This makes shooting from inside the car a breeze.



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