Eckla Gear Cart Video Review

May 25th, 2012 by Matt Dennison

Thanks to our pals over at Fotobug: Jim Caldwell and Fred Rogers, for a great review of the Eckla Gear Carts!

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Eckla Gear Cart Video Review Transcript

Hi, I’m Jim Caldwell from the Photo Bug. Let’s face it. As photographers, we’re equipment junkies. We just have to have the latest thing out, and when we go out in the field we end up carrying all this stuff with us. By the end of the day, we’re totally exhausted. So, gee, you would think there would just have to be a better way.

Well, actually there is a better way. Introducing the Beach Rolly Cart, imported by our friends at Outdoor Photo Gear. The Beach Rolly Cart can be assembled in just minutes. If you fold the flap, it can usually fit in the trunk of your car or in the back of your SUV.

The Rolly Cart features pneumatic wheels, which can handle nearly any kind of terrain, such as concrete, road paths, grass, soft beach sand, and even wet sand. The frame of the Rolly Cart is made of heavy gauge aluminum, and a thick heavy rubberized material that is completely waterproof and very strong. In fact, the Rolly Cart can handle up to 176 pounds.

Just so you know, once you get in a location, if you get tired you can always use them as a little beach chair. Hey, Fred, look it. There’s a heron over there. Would you mind wheeling me over there so I can get a good shot.

Fred: Fat chance of that happening. Want to race?

Jim: Well, okay. Maybe we don’t recommend the Rolly Carts for racing.

Fred: No, no.

Jim: But they can haul up to 176 pounds of equipment or surf boards, kayaks, canoes, even your luggage, and I always seem to get in the second or third floor, the high floors, and it’s much easier to carry equipment up to your hotels when you’re traveling. So, I really like the Rolly Cart. They’re really well-built, under $200 from our friend Chris Klapeke at Outdoor Photo Gear. Fred, what do you think?

Fred: I say that these are field tested by Jim and Fred, and we like them.

Jim: Yes we do. So we do recommend the Rolly Cart. So, stop breaking your back and get a Rolly Cart. You’ll be glad you did.

Fred: If that way, too, you feel like you want to carry just everything, and you can’t figure out what to leave, this is the way to do it.

Jim: Yep. So, take everything with you, including the Rolly.

Fred: Photo Bug recommended.

Jim: Absolutely.





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    Great job Jim and Fred.

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