Favorite iPad Photo (and more) Apps of 2010

December 31st, 2010 by John Batdorff

My favorite iPad apps for 2010


iPad Love:
I’ve really fallen in love my iPad; so much in fact that I broke down and bought an Apple MacBook (but that’s another story). There are so many new applications being released for the iPad that it’s hard to stay on top of them all, but here are a few of my favorites.

Here’s a glimpse into some some of my favorite iPad apps:
1. FolioBook— if you want to create a beautiful portfolio of your work, then look no further. This application is great. It took me only a few minutes and I had a super slick portfolio that I can now show off to friends or clients.
2. Photogene– I’ve long had this application on my iPhone, but it’s 10X better on the iPad. This program really allows you to do quite a bit of editing. Sure, I would love to see a Lightroom app, but until then Photogene works just fine.
3. Easy Release– If you need a model release on the fly then this is the application for you. I’ve had this loaded on my iPhone for quite some time, but the iPad version is much easier to work with.
4. Photo fx Ultra– One of my biggest complaints with the iPad is the ability to print to a wireless printer. This application does a decent job of allowing me to do just that…my only complaint is that it cost $8.00. (If anyone from Apple is reading this, get us a free print app!)
5. LightTrac– ever wonder what the angle of the sun will be at any given time of the day at any given location?  This makes planning for sunset/sunrise by locations a breeze. I almost feel like I’m cheating when I use it.
6. PS Express– Photoshop Express is a great iPad app and the best part–it’s FREE!
7. Google Earth–An essential tool for researching any area that I’m traveling to.
8. Friendly- my favorite way to browse Facebook.
9. Kindle– it almost makes me regret buying my Kindle (but not entirely).
10. Twitter– The Twitter iPad app is super slick and its direct messaging “chat like” feature is awesome.
11. USA Today– love the integrations this app provides to Facebook and Twitter.
12. Penultimate– this is a great app if you like to sketch notes. I’ll bet Joe McNally has this app…if he doesn’t he should!
13. MaxJournal— if you like to journal, or just for taking notes while on a trip, this application is for you.
14. DocsToGo– need to open a Word or Excel sheet? This is the app for you.

Misc. Mentions:
1. Paprika– if you love to cook then you’re cooking with gas with Paprika. I think this is how Staci keeps me chubby. ;) You can organize all of your recipes, upload photos to go with them, and create shopping lists. I’m told it’s the cat’s meow for people who like to read food blogs and gather up their favorite recipes.
2. ThatQuiz Math– my kid loves my iPad, but before she can play her games, she has to take a math quiz. Simply the best iPad math app out there.
3. MyNetDiary– because I’m the official food taster in the house and with that title comes a few drawbacks…mostly my pants don’t always fit.
If we missed a few of your favorites then make sure to post them in the comments so we can check them out.



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