Frogs Are Fun!

August 2nd, 2011 by Mike Moats

My best selling image at the art shows is a frog.  Never in a million years would I thought a frog would sell so well.  Frog are fun to shoot and easy shoot.  They are like people with their own individual tolerances, so some frogs will let you get in real close and some will take off as soon as the see you coming.

Like shooting most small macro critters, you have to move in slowly, and the frogs will usually blend in well with their surroundings, so you have to really study the ground so you can spot them as far in advance as you can. Here is a Wood Frog on the side of a mossy tree trunk.

A long focal length macro lens in the 150, 180, 200, will help out, but you can still shoot with a mid range 100mm focal length, but it takes a little more patience. This Wood Frog saw me coming and jumped up on this Skunk Cabbage leaf, and posed for me as I set up my tripod and camera.

I mentioned that my number one selling image at the art shows was a frog, and here it is.

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