Gear:30 – Think Tank Photo Logistics Manager

May 20th, 2013 by Clay Cook

Tonight on Gear:30! The Logistics Manager from Think Tank Photo is back! This beast of a case is often referred to a “rolling studio” designed to transport large amounts of camera gear lighting equipment or anything else crucial for an assignment with ease.



Today in Gear 30, we’re excited to reintroduce the Think Tank Logistics Manager 30. After being off the market for about roughly a year, it’s back and to be frankly honest with you, it’s a beast of a bag. The Logistics Manager 30 is a rolling gear bag that is designed to carry a ton of gear. It’s sometimes referred to as a rolling studio due to the amount of gear one can carry with them. For example, you can carry your video rigs, your lighting equipment, your camera gear and much more. The interior of the bag is completely customizable and you can get one of these bags at



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