Holiday Gift Ideas: Our Gear Board Favorites

December 11th, 2009 by Chris Klapheke

Yes, it's that time of year again, where gift idea lists multiply like holiday bunnies.  We're no exception.  We've tried to make this gift idea list simple--nothing requiring sizing or items for specific equipment.  That way, you can print this article out and give it to your favorite gift giver (a yellow highlighter would help) or heck, just buy the stuff for yourself.

Here goes:

Gifts Under $25

pelican_casePelican Memory Card Case

Models for CF cards or SD cards with the same fancy features as the high end Pelican equipment cases.  $19.95

Ansmann Express Power Charger with 4 BatteriesAnsmann Power Charger

At only $9.95, it comes with 4 2700mAh batteries.  You'd pay more than $10 just for the batteries themselves!



Outdoor Photo Gear LED Lighted CapOPG LED Lighted Cap

OK, it's kind of geeky (well, WAY geeky) but invaluable for dark morning setups or for showing your family just how strange you have become.  $14.95


flash_keeperLensCoat FlashKeeper

A great neoprene case to hold your flash and extra batteries.  $24.95


Gifts Under $50

GlovesAquaTech Sensory Gloves

One of our best sellers this cold season.  Holes in the neoprene tips of your thumb and forefinger let you operate your camera (and iPhone!) in cold weather while keeping your gloves on.  $49.95


Jobu3axismJobu Design Triple Axis Bubble Level

A new product that lets you keep your bubble level working for both portrait or landscape mode.  $24.95


5inch_snootHonl Flash Modifiers 

From colored filters to snoots to grids, the stuff from Honl takes your flash to another level.  If you don't know what a "snoot" is, you should at least check it out so you can use it in everyday conversation.  $9.95 to $29.95


Gifts Under $100

blackrapidBlack Rapid Camera Straps 

The hottest strap on the market (no pun intended--they just won the "Hot One" award from Professional Photographer Magazine).  $53.95 to $64.95


walkstoolWalkstool Comfort Stool

Hands down the best lightweight portable seating around.  So light and compact you can hang it from your belt.  You'll find so many uses for this stool you'll keep it in your vehicle permanently.  $69.95 to $79.95


Kwik-Camo-RealTreeAPGKwik Camo Personal Blind

A lightweight personal blind that really works.  Covers you and your gear.  We keep asking them to make a blind that looks like our couch so we can watch football games in peace.  $99.95


Ultimate Photo Gifts You May Have To Buy For Yourself

gura_gearGura Gear Kiboko Bag

We can't say enough about this bag in a short amount of space.  The best photo backpack on the market:  lightweight (only 4 lbs), unique, spacious and essential for international travel.  A must have.  $399


benroBenro Travel Angel

We just picked up the Travel Angel tripod line, and it is impressive.  Folds 180 back for incredible pack-ability.  Several models to choose from, each with a ballhead.  $249.95 to $481.95


induroInduro Gimbal Head

If you shoot with long lenses a gimbal head makes pointing your lens a breeze.  A new entry to the market, Induro saves over $100, is a better performing gimbal head, has more features and and shows an incredible fit and finish.  We are selling our existing heads and switching to this one.  $488.95


oceanGitzo Ocean Traveler

A stainless steel and carbon fiber tripod that lives for salt water.  Expensive, but if you shoot in salt, you will find this tripod indispensable.  $1050


Four_seasons_jacketGitzo Jackets

OK, we said we would stay away from products with sizes, but we just cant resisit this one.  Available in fleece and in goretex, these are the ultimate photography jackets.  More nooks and crannies than any vest, padded shoulders and so warm you can't put them on inside.  An incredible luxury gift for yourself.  $349.95 to $449.95




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