Ice Makes Great Macro Shots

January 19th, 2012 by Mike Moats

With the above average temps that we have been having here in Michigan, the stream ice is about five weeks late, but better late then never.  I always look forward to shooting the ice as it is my time to shoot abstracts.  I’ve mentioned in the past that the abstract don’t sell, but I like them and it’s just fun being out in the woods.

Here is a nice shot of the stream and how I set up at the edge to shoot.  I use my long telephoto macro lens in the 180 range, as it will reach out farther into the stream if I need to.

My camera is the Nikon D7000.

Who is taking the pictures of me?  It’s a Panasonic GH2 on a tripod with self timer set at 10 secs.


This first image was shot in the area you see me in above.

If I’m shooting out into the ice a ways, I will be at an angle that sometimes needs a little extra depth of field, so I will set the f-stop at f/16. With all this cool details, you want to get it all in focus.


Found another nice group of patterns.

If I can get the lens fairly parallel with the ice, I will set the f/stop at f/8.


And here is the shot.


There are some little trickle streams and this one has some really nice patterns.



I like when I find bubbles.




Just a couple more.



Thanks for stopping by and checking out my ice abstracts of 2012.


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