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August 3rd, 2013 by Clay Cook

The biggest and the baddest military grade camera straps on the market today. Designed to carry insane loads far outside camera and lens weights, it may resemble more like rock climbing gear then a camera strap. But, just know that your camera is secure and isn’t going anywhere. This is Vulture Equipment Works. Here is a quick look into the A2 and A4 Camera Straps!



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Hey everyone. Bill here, from Vulture Equipment Works, at home on our new set, inside of HQ. From here, we’re going to be hosting a segment of videos about every other month dealing with advanced reading techniques as well as some DIY tech tips. We’re also going to be interviewing industry pros and some videographers and photographers that are up-and-coming through the ranks already. So from there we’re going to discuss with some how they got their start, the equipment they’re using, and how the Vulture equipment works line of products fits into the workflow.

Right now, let’s handle the A4 and A2 strap. The first thing that sets apart Vulture Equipment Works line of straps from the others is this, four-point open-ended rigorous platform. It simply means one, two, three, four points of contact. This makes the A4 and A2 the world’s first and only convertible camera equipment straps. With this patent pending design, the operator is able to go from dual point to single point carry in a simple click of a carbiner. This allows the operator the flexibility to rig his or her equipment in any fashion that they see fit, thus maintaining flow on the work set. Secondly is our choice of materials and components. From true mountaineering grade carbines, extreme heavy duty stitching. No corner was cut in developing a truly exceptional piece of gear that’ll last you a lifetime.

Our alpha-line straps also features another industry first, these we call them lower risers. This allows the operator to mount almost anything they see fit from multiple points in the camera, factory errors, perhaps a long lens foot, set of sticks or even camera car railings. These straps are designed to resist the heavy loads of today’s medium to large body cameras, and even sending rigs, without the associated risks and failures found with some other products.

There was another critical aspect in design and that was adjustability. I wanted to be able to use my strap outdoors year-round. So, we gave the A4 and A2 straps both just over 70 inches of adjustability. Simply run through, adjust your aluminum adjuster buckle, and you have more than enough strap length to cover a big heavy parka or even a camera pack. This will allow you to really utilize your strap every day for much more than just a camera strap. You can take one end at this length, attach this around the table leg or perhaps a tree or the inside of your car and actually use this as a camera tether or restraining device.

The possibilities are endless. Couple that up with our platform, it becomes a true system. Now let’s talk about what makes the A4 and the A2 a bit different from each other. The A4 strap features this aluminum machine quick release buckle along with an adjuster, locking adjuster, a safety wire component with copper crush rings, a Vulture equipment Works for a more before flight tag, showing off her aviation beginnings and a true millions repeat screw length. What this allows you to do is by removing the safety wire component you’ll enact the quick release mechanism. This strap was designed for a little bit more of an extreme person’s use. So if you’re wrestling rhinos or maybe just hanging off a cliff by your fingernails and you’re getting tangled in your gear, simply depressing both brass tabs will enact the quick release and away you come, but leave this intact for normal street use. That way your gear doesn’t hit the ground.

The A4 shaves a little bit of weight by losing the quick release but still retaining the machined aluminum adjuster buckle. Both straps come packaged on a fully recyclable plastic board with four acryl slides, two lower risers, two carbines and the upper portion of the strap that you purchased. Along with that, you’re going to want to make sure to watch your video entitled “Lower Riser Rigging,” which would give you more detailed information about properly attaching the half inch tube webbing and the lower risers to any of your gear. Vulture also has a complete line of accessories to round out your straps capabilities. From a permit pouch that simply clips between you two carbines, complete with molly standard webbing, heavy duty Velcro closures, two interior pockets perfect for business cards and a clear front window, two extra sets of lower risers these are sold in pairs so your good to go.

Spare pairs of silver and red carbiners along with a screw lock ovalbiner, this is great for extreme use when you’re going to be in those situations like aviation photography or perhaps rock climbing, where you don’t want your upper and lower risers to ever become separated. Simply unscrew the gate, clip in, screw the gate closed again.

All parts are available right now at major retailers and we encourage our customers to check us out on out social media feeds as well as our website for behind the scenes footage, cool videos, upcoming events and we also encourage them to send in pictures and stories of your strapping use so we can share them with others. Who knows? It could be cool enough to be featured on the next interview spot. So from Bill here at Vulture Equipment Works have fun, stay safe, and keep pushing the limits.



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