Introducing Wimberley

July 5th, 2010 by Chris Klapheke

In light of this country’s holiday weekend, we are proud to bring you products from our friends at Wimberley—a company whose products are made right here in the USA, and whose products set the bar for the highest standard worldwide.

Photographers all over the world know and respect Wimberley products for being the pinnacle in their category.  Gimbal heads, flash brackets, lens plates and quick release clamps by Wimberley are procured by photographers who demand only the best.


The Wimberley story is a true example of the American Dream. David Wimberley started in 1991 with a unique idea of a tripod head.  This gimbal mount design became so popular with nature photographers that Wimberley grew from a backyard project into a full-fledged company. 

David was joined by his son Clay five years later.  Together, their drive for quality precise solutions added new dimensions to their business, and pushed Wimberley to the worldwide stage, all while maintaining their American value of loyalty to their customers.

Wimberley takes a great deal of pride in the name that they have built for themselves over the years.  Always striving for excellence, Wimberley has provided the global photography community with quality products—Made in the USA.

See the entire line of Wimberley products here.

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