Kwik Camo Video Overview

June 17th, 2011 by Matt Dennison

Check out one of our favorite products in action!  The Kwik Camo Portable Blind covers you and your equipment so you can get that crucial shot.  Thanks to Juan Pons for the camera work and editing!

Check out all the models of the Kwik Camo in the store here:  Kwik Camo

Kwik Camo Portable Blind video overview transcript

Hi, I’m Chris Klapheke from Outdoor Photo Gear, and I’m here to review some products for you today that we carry in our store.

The first product I’d like to review for you today is the Kwik Camo from our pals at Essential Photo Gear. As wildlife shooters, we like to be out in the woods. We like to be close to our subjects so we have to stay concealed. We’re already carrying a bunch of gear with us, so we don’t want to carry a big blind around with us.

Essential Photo Gear has come up with a product called the Kwik Camo, which is easy to take with you. It’s basically a camouflage poncho that’s designed not only to cover yourself but all of your equipment as well.

As you saw, I pulled this right off my waist. It’s got a nice little belt. You can wear it around your waist. It’s lightweight and padded. You could even use it for a seat if you needed to while it’s folded up, or you could stuff it in a pack. The Kwik Camo comes in two weights, a lightweight for summer and a heavyweight for colder times, and it comes in four patterns of camouflage, depending on where you live in the country. This is the APG Max 4. It’s the most popular.

How does it work? Well, we’re going to pull this out of the bag, and we’re first going to attach it to our camera lens. It will leave the lens end exposed. Velcro will come down the front to seal it, and then we’re going to pull it over our head, much like an old-time photographer did when he was taking pictures. So let’s put it on and see how it works.

First, we’ll take it out of the bag. You can see the meshing for your head, and we’ll find the front, which is not the easiest part. Find the front with the Velcro. You can see how it is sealed all the way down, no matter how high your lens is, whether you’re standing up or sitting down. That’s what we’ll put on first. I’ll walk in front of the camera here.

You can see where you expose the front of your lens. The Velcro meets it, and we’re going to seal it all the way down. Turn it back to where we were. So you can already see that we’ve broken up the shape of the camera. It looks pretty good already.

Now, we’re going to get under it. One hint when using the Kwik Camo is if you wear a billed cap, you will be able to keep the mesh part away from your face, and you’ll get a lot more visibility. You won’t be able to see me in a minute.

Now, I’ve put this on and straightened it up. You notice sometimes you might pull your Kwik Camo up a little forward. That’s why it’s always nice to have a lens coat on your lens to keep your lens camouflaged even if your Kwik Camo pulls out a little bit. You can see where the mesh is on my head so I can see out. I can see the camera even though you may not be able to see me, and the lid on my hat keeps the mesh up and away from my face.

Of course, when I’m shooting, I’ll be down next to the camera. But if I want to stand up and look for my wildlife so I can sight it in, this gives me a good, clear view. It’s nice and cool. There’s a breeze blowing through here. It breaks up my shape, and you probably can’t even see me, can you?

You can use the Kwik Camo both sitting down and standing up. I’m standing up right now. I’m about five-nine, so that will let you see about how long it drapes to the ground. Even if you’re taller than I am or shorter than I am, it will still work for you in the woods. It will conceal your shape just fine.

If you have any questions about the Kwik Camo, check it out on our website, or give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you.



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