Macro Fun

September 9th, 2013 by Clay Cook

 IMG_6459 Red Gerber Daisy

Macro Equipment Used: 

The above items are inexpensive and fun to play around with.  The DLC DV112 Video and DSLR LED light is my favorite!  I have the rechargeable version, but if you’re going to be somewhere with no access to an outlet DLC also has a battery powered version.   The DLC light is great for back lighting your subject and providing a clean white light.  

IMG_20130905_094307_627Below are two pictures taken with my smart phone to show the results and differences between a regular spray bottle and the FMS Spray bottle.  When the leaf was sprayed with the regular spray bottle the water runs off the leaf leaving a mess.  Whereas with the FMS Spray Bottle the water stays on the leaf and resembles a fine mist.  No question, there is a difference.  You might be thinking the same thing I thought when I was introduced to the FMS Dew-It-Yourslef Macro Fine Misting Spray Bottles, “why not just use a regular spray bottle?”  I tested it out and low and behold there is a difference.  The mist from the FMS bottle does produce a natural fog-like, ultra-fine mist just as it says it does.  Whereas a regular spray bottle does not.  The FMS bottles are great for those of you who enjoy shooting fragile subjects such as spider webs, flowers, and butterflies.  Overall, a fun item to add to your macro equipment!



As an amateur photographer macro photography has been a great place to start and has helped me to get know my camera functions and enjoy nature as well.  I have to contribute my love for macro to Mike Moats, who is an amazing macro photographer.  His Macro Boot Camp is hands on!  Mike is an excellent instructor and really knows his stuff.  I’ve attended his workshop and highly recommend it.  Mike will be hosting his Macro Boot Camp at Outdoor Photo Gear on November 1st.  In the past, his workshops have sold out very quickly – so don’t wait too long!

- Kim VanMeter





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