Neos Adventurer Overshoes Video Review

May 13th, 2011 by Martin Bailey

This is a short video to show you how I used my Neos Adventurer All Season Overshoes from Outdoor Photo Gear to keep feet warm and dry while in Antarctica and the Falkland Islands recently. It’s not an incredibly difficult subject but it took me a few times to get my head around the process and be able to get this footwear on quickly and out to the Zodiacs waiting to take us ashore.

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Hi there, I’m Martin Bailey, and today I’m going to show you how I kept my legs and my feet dry when I was down in Antarctica last month.

What we’re going to look at, basically, obviously you need some footwear. These are Baffin Boots. They’re good down to like minus 70 degrees Celsius. These are my winter weather, insulated boots, that I use anywhere it is going to be cold.

But when you are going to be jumping in and out of zodiacs, or I’m doing beach landings, you want something to keep the saltwater off of these and also to give you a little bit more height.

These are basically what I bought. They’re Neos Overshoes. These are the Adventurer All Weather Overshoes. I bought these from Outdoor Photo Gear. I’ll put a link in the show notes and in the video.

Basically, these are what we’re going to put over the boots. Nice and big so that you can do that. And then to stop water to get in even over the top of these, but you don’t want to be really wearing waders down there. We’ve got just normal rainproof trousers. I’m going to show how to put these on. It’s not difficult, but it’s just something that obviously it took me a little bit of time, to get used to the rhythm of things. So I’m going to show you that today.

So, boots on first, what you see is, you need to pull the rainproof trousers on, under the bottom part there, and obviously, I would usually be wearing thicker trousers than this, if it’s really cold weather, but this is not important for this review.

So we’ll do the boots up nice and tight. Then we get the Neos Adventurer All Season Overshoes. Now these boots are big. To get an overshoe that will go over the top of these, I needed the XXL size I think they were. You can see that it takes a little bit of rummaging around. But then once you’ve got yourself in there, that’s it. You’ve got the boot on there, and you just tuck this around. I generally then go over and make sure that the Velcro is all in contact. Then here’s your adjustable strap. Pull that across nice and tight.

There you’ve got your overshoe on the top. That can stop water to this height. It’s difficult to see this with everything being black, but then if you pull the rainproof trousers down to there, you can literally take water even higher than the top of the overshoe. Literally, I took a wave a few times well over the knee and my feet were dry as a bone and toasty for the whole time.

Let’s stick the other one on for good measure. Just to show you that again. You can see my embarrassingly white legs, which my wife says they actually glow in the dark. Obviously, they don’t, but they are very white. Tighten them up. Once again, grab the Neos overshoes. I put a link to Outdoor Photo Gear to actually pick up these boots or to select another range. Basically, there you go, bring this around and get it tight. Make sure that the Velcro strip is tight. Of course the water can get in through here, because the tunnel comes right the way up to the top. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The Velcro itself is not the waterproof element here. Once again, pull the rain trousers down, over the top, and we have one waterproof legged Martin.

So that’s that, really not a difficult subject, but something that it took me a little bit of sorting getting used to the process. So I thought I’d share that with you today.

Also, the Neos range are excellent. I do recommend that you use that. The Neos range are great quality, really good build, and they are very light. With this combination on, I walked quite a ways on the Falkland Islands. It wasn’t like a trek in the Himalayas, but even with the overshoes on, I was able to trek for a good couple of miles one day in the Falklands. You can just leave them on. You can take them off if you want to. Their main purpose is to, like I say, keep you dry, when you’re getting in and out of the Zodiacs, which are like the large river boat with an outboard motor. They keep you dry if you got a lot of swell when you’re on the gangplank. Also when you get off the Zodiacs, a lot of the time, you actually end up having to wade in the sea for a few paces before you get onto the dry land.

So basically, once you’re there though, you can take them off. Generally, there is a little base there that we make, and you walk around and photograph and then come back. Now, the good thing about leaving them on though is, if you are down somewhere else away from the base, and you feel like it’s a good shot where you need to be a little bit out into the sea maybe, just walk out there. It’s not a big deal, if you got your boots on.

So thanks for joining me today. Remember that if you go over to the blog,, I’ll put a bunch of links into the show notes for you there, one over to RPG and Outdoor Photo Gear, because they are great bunch and they support the show in various ways. I like to support them as well. Please go over there and take a look at what they have to offer. If you need some overshoes, Neos is the way to go.

Catch you later.



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