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May 30th, 2013 by Clay Cook

Our friend Jim Caldwell with Fotobug gave us a nice review of the NEOS Overshoes awhile back. We wanted to share and show just how handy these overshoes can be in the outdoors. Keep your feet dry and pick up a pair!



Hi, I’m Jim Caldwell, and welcome to a Fotobug review. Now, on a recent broadcast Chris Klapheke had recommended NEOS overshoes for the fall photographer. Why overshoes? I mean, that’s not really a photography item is it?

We decided to give the NEOS overshoes a real workout. Now, these are the NEOS overshoes. They come in several different styles and sizes. These are the Adventurers, the ones that we’re going to be reviewing. There’s also the Villager model, and the main difference between these is the length of the skirt. They even have models that have much extended skirts, almost like waders. They also have insulated models, but we’re going to be testing the Adventurer.

Now, the overshoes consist of Velcro snaps, there is a lightweight but strong rubber inner lining, and these are overshoes. What they essentially do is they fit over your shoe, quickly snap up. Snap them in place, and you’re ready to go.

We’re shooting this in Florida, and this is a pretty typical situation. I’m here, in the mangroves, and I need to get from here to there, and we have water in between us. Ordinarily I’d have to take off my shoes or I’d have to go with wet feet all day, but we’re going to try out these NEOS overshoes and see how they work in this situation. So here I go.

Now, these are not waders, so they’re not intended to go into waist-deep water. In fact, they’re good for water about 12 inches deep, no more than 12. As you can see, I’m going through here, and I feel absolutely no water whatsoever coming in. In fact, the water looks like it’s rolling off the boots like off the feathers of a duck, and my feet are nice and dry.

Well, the NEOS Adventurers worked great here, in Florida, in water, here, among the mangroves. But I also understand that they’re supposed to work well in ice and snow. Hmm, wonder how far I’m going to have to go to find some ice and snow.

Well, you can tell that I’m not in Florida anymore. In fact, I’m here at Summit Lake on a mountain, Mt. Evans in Colorado. We came here because we wanted to give the NEOS boots a real workout. As you can see, I’m wearing the NEOS boots.

I came out here yesterday to scout the area out, and it must be colder this morning, because the lake and everything is pretty much frozen over. Yesterday, when I was scouting, I did not have the boots on. I punched through the snow and ice, and my boots filled up with water and my feet were pretty cold all day. If I had had these on, that wouldn’t have happened. It’s my fault that I didn’t wear them.

I’m going to go out on this… Uh-oh. There we go. There we go. I broke through. My feet are staying nice and dry. The boots have kept the water out. They’re warm. Look at that. Look at this, now this is just icy water.

That’s just absolutely incredible. Just to prove, after dancing there in the ice and icy water, pull this out, and as you can see, my boot is dry, dry as can be. Now this would be just crazy if I didn’t have these things on. My feet would be soaked. I’d be freezing all day, pretty much like I did yesterday. So, really, in ice and snow, these boots work great.

OK. Well, here we are back in Florida again. When we go and investigate something, we go all out. So, what did we think of the NEOS overshoe? Well, yes, I can recommend it. These things work great. They’re very, very lightweight and strong. It was also a surprise to me that the tread, as you can see in this shot here, also kept us from slipping and sliding on the ice, which was something that was somewhat unexpected.

Now, keep in mind, the NEOS overshoe is an overshoe, it’s not a boot. When you order yours make sure that you get a size that’s big enough to fit over your shoes. In fact, I’m kind of in between sizes. Mine was just a little bit sloppy, but that’s OK. They kept me warm when I was in the ice and snow, and they keep me dry.

Also, just saying, that if you’ve got really, really, really small feet, or for a child, these aren’t going to protect you in 12 inches of water. The size of the skirt seems to be related to the size of the shoe, so just saying, just keep that in mind.

So, the NEOS overshoe, you can get yours from our friend Chris Klapheke at



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