Nightvision – A Timelapse Of Europe’s 27 Most Iconic Architectural Landmarks

August 9th, 2013 by Clay Cook

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Everyone can appreciate a well executed timelapse and Luke Shepard hasn’t fallen short here. Over the course of three months, Luke traveled to 21 countries and 36 cities to create and capture a gorgeous timelapse of Europe’s most iconic man made architecture. This is Nighvision.

Struck with bad weather, Eurail restrictions and a limited budget Shepard was not able to hit all of planned landmarks, yet he still managed over 20,000 images to create 47 sequences. 27 of those sequences made the final cut.

This is a map of all Shepard’s travels, the red pins mark which landmarks that actually made the film.

Luke Shepard











Shepard used his trusty Canon 5D Mark III and a gamut of professional Zeiss glass to capture Nightvision. In the final post process, all images were drafted together using Adobe Bridge, Premiere and After Effects.

Read more about the film and Shepard’s adventures¬†here.




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