OPG Caption Contest – Win a Peak Design Capture Clip System!

November 14th, 2012 by Clay Cook

Win a Peak Design Capture Camera Clip System! $80 Value!

Every other week Outdoor Photo Gear will be hosting a caption contest and will be giving away one awesome prize to the best entry. The contest will be judged by the entire staff at OPG based on the following; creativity, originality (from other posts) and comedic value.


Contest ends 48 hours after the images goes live. Winner to be announced Friday.

If you would like to submit a photograph to the OPG Caption Contest, you may add the image to the Outdoor Photo Gear group on Flickr or post the image on our Facebook wall



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20 Responses to “OPG Caption Contest – Win a Peak Design Capture Clip System!”

  1. Don Risi says:

    “O sole mio . . . !”

  2. Brian Lottis says:

    Ooohm, oooohm.

  3. Jeff Mason says:

    Woooaaaahh! That is one spicy bug!!

  4. Chris says:

    Oooooh, that hedgehig is such a pain in the a….

  5. Sudipta Biswas says:

    Practicing “OM” while meditation

  6. Andy Hayter says:

    Ohhhhh, I wish I had an Oscar Meyer wiener……

  7. Myer Bornstein says:

    Do not disturb me I am looking into myself

  8. Will says:

    “Sooooomewheeeeere over the rainnnnbooooooow”

  9. Ashish says:

    Give me that camera and I’ll tell you who’s the monkey between us

  10. Cathy says:

    Woooohaaaawooooheeeeeeee……who took my sunglasses? This sun is blinding me.

  11. Tom V says:

    Oh yeah….that’s it…..scratch where it itches…….

  12. Bill Boswell says:


  13. Mitch says:

    Oh boy those hot wings are gonna burn coming out!

  14. James Guest says:

    With that lens he should be able to see my cavity…..

  15. Karen Boswell says:

    Ohhhhhh….That’s what they mean by Monkey See….Monkey Do……

  16. Dave says:


  17. amitava sengupta says:

    Raga “Bhairabee” from the maestro.

  18. reef says:


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