Gear:30 – LensCoat Combo 66 Memory Wallet

May 8th, 2013 by Clay Cook

Gear:30 now! The LensCoat Combo 66 Memory Wallet. This memory wallet uses the same waterproof nylon used on LensCoat RainCoats and doesn’t have that loud velcro rip!



On Gear 30 today, it’s the Combo 66 Memory Wallet from LensCoat. This memory wallet allows easy access without the loud Velcro rip. It’s made from the same lightweight, waterproof nylon as the LensCoat raincoats. The Combo 66 holds up to six compact flash cards and six SD cards and is available in black as well as this Max 4 camouflage. Pick up the Combo 66 Memory Wallet for only 20 bucks at

Gear:30 – Gura Gear Anansi

May 6th, 2013 by Clay Cook

Gear:30 now! The brand new versatile Gura Gear Anansi. The Multi Use Bean Bag Sack was designed on safari,  perfected in the forests of North America and refined in the studio. Check it out below.



Today at Gear 30, we’re featuring a brand-new Anansi from Gura Gear. It has to be the most versatile bean bag currently on the market, from safari to the studio. It can be used on safari to lay flat on the roof of a Land Rover or it can be used in the studio as a ballast sandbag for your light or tripod stand. The zipper’s conveniently located right here at the top, so it’s easy-fill. And it also has a leak stop tab. The bag is handmade here in the USA, and you can get it at

Gear:30 – Aquatech Oli Cape

May 3rd, 2013 by Clay Cook

Gear:30! The Aquatech Oli Cape. Made from nylon and polyurethane, the Oli Cape is a lightweight and breathable rain cover that shields you from the elements. 



Our gear for today is Aquatech Oli Rain Cover Poncho. The poncho is made from a blend of nylon and polyurethane that is light weight and breathable to protect you from the elements outdoors. A fastener tab is at the back of the hood, which prevents the peak, right here, from falling down over your eyes or from covering the camera’s view finder. In addition, there’s an adjustable belt right inside, to keep the cape down for high winds. It weighs less than 14 ounces and one size fits all. You can buy the Oli Cape Rain Cover from for less than $70.

MeFoto BackPacker Travel Tripod Review

May 3rd, 2013 by Bret Edge

Benro MeFoto Tripod BallheadThere are times when a big, burly tripod just isn’t necessary or even practical. Fortunately, there’s a new tripod line on the market by MeFoto (a Benro brand) that provides many of the same benefits of a full-size tripod but in a lightweight, compact package: the MeFoto Travel Tripod with Ballhead.

I’ve been using the MeFoto BackPacker, the smallest tripod in the line, for several months and have found it to be a useful addition to my camera kit. When not in use the legs fold up and around the center column and ballhead to create an extremely compact package measuring about 12.5” in length. At its widest point, it’s only 3.75” across when folded and the whole thing weighs less than 3 pounds. Toss it in a suitcase or backpack and you’ll hardly even know it’s there until you need it. And yet, for a tripod that packs down so small, the BackPacker tops out at a respectable 51” at maximum extension.

Scott Goldsmith: The Kentucky Derby

May 2nd, 2013 by Chris Klapheke


Our hometown of Louisville, Ky is going crazy right now.  Roads are clogged with traffic, restaurants have long lines, and limousines are everywhere.  Tourists are everywhere, getting ready for the huge party that is dubbed "the most exciting two minutes in sports".  Talk about photo opportunities!

Gear:30 – MeFoto BackPacker Travel Tripod

May 2nd, 2013 by Clay Cook

Late night Gear:30! The MeFoto BackPacker Travel Tripod. Only 12.6″ when folded yet 51.2″ extended, the MeFoto Travel Tripod weighs 2.6 lbs. and can support up to 8.8 lbs.



Here in Gear 30, we have the MeFoto Backpack Traveler Tripod. It folds down to 12 inches, but it can also extend up to 51 using the rapid center column. It includes a ball head, which has separate pan and lock knobs, along with an Arca-Swiss plate. It can hold up to 8.8 pounds. It comes with a shoulder strap, along with a carrying case. It’s available in multiple colors at

Gear:30 – Think Tank Photo Speed Freak

May 1st, 2013 by Clay Cook

Today on Gear:30! The Think Tank Photo Speed Freak. The Think Speed Freak V2.0 carries one standard size DSLR plus 2 to 3 zoom lenses.  Fits a 70-200 f2.8 detached from camera with hood reversed. A great bag for the photographer on the go.



So today on Gear 30, you got the Speed Freak from Think Tank Photo. It’s a bag that can carry a standard DSLR along with a couple of lenses. It can fit a 72 to 200 2.8 detached from the camera with delivery verse. Has a flip-top design to it so you can access all the main contents from the inside, but it also has a zipper, right here on top, so you can just access this thing without having to open up the main zipper itself. It can be worn as a shoulder bag or as a belt pack. It’s an excellent bag for any photographer on the go. And, you can get it at

Gear:30 – olloclip Lens System for iPhone

April 30th, 2013 by Clay Cook

Today on Gear:30! The olloclip Lens System for iPhone. Nestled in the palm of your hand, the olloclip connects to the iPhone within seconds so you’ll be sure to capture the image you want. Fisheye, Wide Angle or Macro!



Today on Gear 30, we have the olloclip Lens system. It’s a quick-connect, all-in-one solution for the iPhone 4, 4S and 5. It includes a fish eye, a wide angle, and a macro lens all in one small, easy-to-use, convenient package that fits into your pocket. It’s constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum and attaches to your iPhone within seconds. You can get it at for right under $70.

Gear:30 – Gura Gear Sabi Sack

April 29th, 2013 by Clay Cook

Tonight on Gear:30 is the Gura Gear Sabi Sack. A brand new compact yet stable bean bag camera support with an innovative double-pillow square design and it’s made in the USA.



Today on Gear 30, we have a brand new product from Gura Gear. It’s called the Sabi Sack. It’s a compact beanbag system with a double pillow design. The traditional beanbag can be cumbersome at times, but this is ideal for those who have small or medium telephoto lenses. The zipper is in an ideal location with an easy fill, yet it’s also concealed and comes with a leak-stop tab. The bag is made here in the U.S.A. and it’s completely handmade and it’s able to withstand the harshest use. You can find the Sabi Sack at for $40.

Gear:30 – Black Rapid Yeti Slim Dual Camera Sling Strap

April 26th, 2013 by Clay Cook

Happy Friday, today on Gear:30 is the Black Rapid Yeti Slim Dual Camera Sling Strap.  A great solution for carrying two camera bodies with maximum mobility, due to its sleek single shoulder design. 



Here in Gear 30, we have the Yeti Slim Strap from Black Rapid. It can hold two bodies and lenses and has a non-slip grip, right here on the shoulder pad. The secondary strap can be detached, and the Yeti can turn into a sports strap with an underarm BRAD stabilizer. So, if you get a contract with National Geographic to document the Abominable Snowman, be sure to pick up one of these straps before you go on your trip.