Gear:30 – Tripod Tote Universal Tripod Shelf

June 11th, 2013 by Clay Cook

Gear:30! We have the Tripod Tote Universal Tripod Shelf from Essential Photo Gear. The Tripod Tote attaches to the legs of any tripod and holds teleconverters, flashes, batteries, clamps, reflectors and more, all nestled in a strong, fleece lined triangular shelf.  Also great for adding weight to your tripod for extra stability.



Hello. Here on Gear 30, we have the tri-pod set up from EP Gear. It’s a great storage solution for the photographer in the field that needs easy access to the equipment that he has. Simply attach the tripod tote to the legs of your tripod and it can hold an array of camera gear with easy accessibility, or you can use it as a stone bag. The interior of the shelf is lined with a fleece material and can be machine washed. The tripod tote is made here, in the U.S.A., and it comes in three different colors. You can go online to, and grab one for yourself for under $40.

Rotating Supercell Thunderstorm Timelapse

June 11th, 2013 by PetaPixel

You know how much we love a good timelapse! Arizona-based photographer Mike Olbinski has been visiting the Central Plains of Texas for almost four years now in search of the perfect rotating supercell. A long-held goal of his, capturing one of these structures that look like massive, awe-inspiring “alien spacecraft” had always eluded him. That is, until his most recent trip.

Gear:30 – Tenba Messenger Wrap

June 10th, 2013 by Clay Cook

Back to our normal programming… Gear:30 today, we have the  Tenba Messenger Wrap which provides portable protection for any valuable equipment that requires an extra layer of padding. The 16-inch Messenger Wrap is a perfect camera wrap for all sizes of camera bodies including pro bodies, as well as zoom lenses up to 70-200mm f/2.8.



On Gear 30, we have the Tenba Messenger Wrap 16-Inch. The wrap provides protection for any piece of equipment that requires additional packing. The 16-inch wrap can protect camera bodies, zoom lenses up to 70-200 out to 2.8. It has a smooth, interior lining with Velcro tabs right at the corners to secure itself for a tight fit. The square can be rolled, it can be folded and configured in virtually any different way and comes in various colors. You will easily find the Tenba Messenger Wrap to be a versatile piece of gear in your camera bag. And you can find one at for under $14.

Gear:30 – Interfit 12″ Diffuser (w/ Danny Lenihan From 3 Legged Thing)

June 7th, 2013 by Clay Cook

Happy Friday! Danny from 3 Legged Thing is back with another special edition of Gear:30! Today, he really dives into the Interfit 12″ Diffuser, great for close up macro shots!



Hi. My name is Danny from Three Legged Thing. I am here doing a guest Gear 30 for Outdoor Photo Gear with the Interfit 246 Reflector. This little bad boy is just 30 centimeters wide with a realistic pinging sound. Do you remember that mouse from the Green Mile? Well, this is what they listened with. This is the Mick Jagger of the reflector. I thought that was a pretty good reason to have a plate for $11.99

Gear:30 – Think Tank Photo Pixel Sunscreen V 2.0 (w/ Danny Lenihan From 3 Legged Thing)

June 6th, 2013 by Clay Cook

On this special edition of Gear:30, the Think Tank Photo Pixel Sunscreen V 2.0! Danny from 3 Legged Thing shows off the cool features of this collapsible sun shade.



Hi, I’m Danny from 3 Legged Thing. I’m here at Outdoor Photo Gear doing the Gear 30 with the Think Tank Photo, Pixel Sunscreen, Version Two, designed to take even some of the biggest laptops. See, incredibly spacious. The way it works is this: in goes your laptop, when the sun is shining, so clearly, not a product you’d be using in England, and it stops all of the rays from hitting the screen so you can still work in normal conditions. And, if you happen to be an amateur magician, pfft! What a result! Now available at

Gear:30 – FMS

June 5th, 2013 by Clay Cook

Gear:30 now, the FMS! Hold reflectors, diffusers and subjects for macro and close-up photography no matter what the distance from your shooting tripod.  The unique, non-twist stake firmly anchors the FMS in the ground near your subject, and frees you to move, frame and shoot from any position.



On Gear 30, we have FMS Field Macros Support and Clamp System. It’s a great tool for photographers who need an additional hand. The non-twist stake anchors the FMS into the ground near your subject so you can move freely to frame up your shot from any position. In addition, the FMS can hold your diffusers or deflectors for macro or closeup shots. At $29.95, you can easily afford to have one of these in your camera bag. So go online to to purchase your FMS.

Photography Is A Toolbox

June 5th, 2013 by Theodore A. Stark

Every photographer seeks to improve along their journey. For most, they hope that this improvement is closer to what can only be described as instant gratification. Although improvement paths are unique to the individual, some are of the opinion that a new camera body, a new lens, or a new piece of software will result in this immediate improvement. At a recent gallery opening, I overheard someone say, “I really want to improve my photography but I can’t afford the 5D Mark III.” 

 Pure hogwash. 

Gear:30 – Kinesis Filter Pouch

June 4th, 2013 by Clay Cook

Tonight on Gear:30, the Kinesis Filter Pouch. Our friend Scott Jarvie gave a fun review and we decided to feature it ourselves. It’s a simple belt pouch holding up to ten 10x15cm (4×6″) rectangular filters and can hold circular filters as well.



Hey, guys. On Gear 30 today, it’s the Kinesis Filter Pouch. It’s a portable and lightweight case for holding up to ten standard graduated filters. The pouch is made of soft polyester and comes with nine foam dividers which will protect both circular and rectangular filters. It also features a removable hand grab strap so you can secure it to a tripod or a camera bag. Consolidate and get rid of those pesky filter cases and go with Kinesis F169 Grad Filter Pouch, which is available at for right under 50 bucks.

Gear:30 – Interfit Strobies Suction Cup Mount

June 3rd, 2013 by Clay Cook

Gear:30 today, we have the Interfit Strobies Suction Cup Mount. Designed to attach cameras, flashes and accessories via a 1/4inch tripod mount to solid flat surfaces. Great for vehicles and windows! We test it out here.



Today on Gear 30, we have the Strobies Suction Cup Mount that allows you to attach your gear virtually to any solid surface. The suction cup can attach cameras, flashes, and accessories using the quarter-inch tripod mount. The twist lock ensures a tight bond to any flat surface. But, for best results, make sure you test for a firm bond before putting anything on the bond itself. You can buy you’re on Strobies Suction Cup Mount for 19.99 at

Gear:30 – PowerEx Eight Cell Battery Charger

May 31st, 2013 by Clay Cook

On Gear:30 today, we have the PowerEx Eight Cell Battery Charger. With eight independent, microprocessor controlled circuits, this charger is embedded with a high-rate battery conditioner that will charge, deep-discharge and recharge batteries automatically for maximum renewal.



Today on Gear 30 we have Powerex 8 Cell Battery Charger, with ultra-fast recharge time and a built-in battery conditioning system. This charger comes recommended from photographers all around the world. The charger is embedded with a pattern conditioner that will charge, deep discharge and recharge batteries automatically for maximum renewal. And you have the option of choosing between the renewing soft charge and a fast, quick one hour charge. Grab the Powerex 8 Cell Battery Charger at for right under $65.