People Are Amazed At This Shot!

June 18th, 2010 by Mike Moats

When I exhibit at my art shows each weekend, I have one image that I place in an area of the booth toward the front, so customers passing by with not miss it.  This image of dew drops with a flower inside of them always draws a crowd of people in amazement, and the big question is, “did you Photoshop the flower into the drops?“.

No, I did not. In fact, this image is a very easy shot to produce–just find some tall grass in an open field on a dewy morning.  Once you locate a nice blade of tall grass with some dew drops, carefully position your tripod and camera close-in to fill the frame, so the dew drops are easy to see.  Use a Plamp with one end clamped on your tripod and the other end clamped onto the stem of your choice of flower, and position it directly behind the dewdrops.  The closer the flower is to the dew drops, the larger the flower will appear, and the father away, the smaller it will be in the dew. 

Once you get the right position of the flower, set your f/stop in the lower range, from f/3.5  to f/5.6.  You want to place your point of focus on the flower in the dew drops, and the shallow depth of field will soften or blur the flower.  You don’t want to much details in the flower because you want the dewdrops to stand out from the flower and not get lost.

Not so hard, is it?

Have fun and experiment.  When you get a good shot, show it off.  You'll enjoy answering that Photoshop question!


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