Pixel Sunscreen V2.0: Computer Laptop Sunshade

June 30th, 2011 by Matt Dennison

Ever have trouble seeing your laptop in the bright sun?  The Think Tank Pixel Sunscreen is the answer!  Check out this new video from Think Tank.

You can find the Think Tank Pixel Sunscreen in the store here.

View the Think Tank Pixel Sunscreen Video Transcript

The Think Tank Photo Pixel Sunscreen Version 2.0 is a collapsible laptop sunshade that blocks peripheral light, allowing you to see your computer display in bright conditions.

Begin by pulling the shade from the attached mesh enclosure. The shade will automatically spring open.

Place your laptop on the non-skid surface. Cords and cables can be routed through the openings on the back and sides. Small items can be placed in the inner mesh pockets while you are working.

The dark cloth can be simply attached to the corresponding hook and loop when additional darkness is needed.

The top of the Pixel Sunscreen can be temporarily lowered by attaching the strap from the top edge to the hook and loop closure on the underside of the shade, and providing additional protection in wet or dusty conditions.

To fold the pixel sunscreen, begin by removing all objects from the interior. Hold the shade with the opening facing down, placing your thumbs on the corresponding outlines. Slowly twist the sides inward, beginning with the right-hand side. As you fold the left side over the right, the other sides will automatically fold inward. Bring the sides together to form a flat disk. Stretch the mesh enclosure around the edges to keep the Pixel Sunscreen folded.

For more information about any of our Think Tank Photo products, visit Thinktankphoto.com.



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