Put Your Best Foot Forward

December 5th, 2012 by Mike Moats

Put your best foot forward.

To act in a way that causes other people to have a good opinion of you. All I could do is put my best foot forward and hope I make a good impression. From the Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms.

Lets make one change to this idiom.

Put your best photos forward.

When you set up your website or a portfolio of your images to showcase, only include your very best images.

It’s better to show only your very best images, and not try an increase the size of the portfolio by adding any of your average images.

You may end up with a smaller group of images, but the viewer is more likely to be impressed if they only see top notch images.

As soon as they see your average or below average images, their opinion of you as a good photographer will change.

They will see your flaws.

So hold back those average images and only add more when you have more great images.


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