Rick Sammon talks Induro BHL Low Profile Ballheads

February 24th, 2012 by Matt Dennison

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Induro BHL Low Profile Ballheads Video Transcript

Hey, I’m Rick Sammon. Now, a lot of people ask me, “Rick, what is your specialty?” Well, I reply, I say, “My specialty is not specializing, because I do it all. I do people. I do travel. I do wildlife. I do studio. I do HDR.” Now, all of these specialties actually have something in common. Of course, you need a good camera. You need a good lens. You need a good tripod. But a lot of people don’t realize you also need a good ballhead.

Now, the coolest ballhead I found is from Induro. It’s called the Induro BHL. Now I think that “L” stands for low profile, because these ballheads are smaller, lighter, more compact than most ballheads out there. They also support more than most ballheads, but I think that “L” also stands for love, because you’re going to love this ballhead. It’s going to make your photography more fun, and you’re going to get better pictures.

Let me show you what I mean. All the ballheads come with a universal mount; which means you can mount them on any tripod. I happen to be using one of my Induro tripods. They also come with an Arka Swiss compatible quick release plate; which means you can very quickly, very easily release your camera or lens. You see here I have one plate mounted on my lens, my telephoto lens, and I have one plate mounted on the bottom of my camera so I can change lenses very quickly and very easily.

But, and this is a big but, this is really cool. It has a double locking system. What I can do here is if I release this, watch this. The camera and lens is not falling out on the ground or in the drink, and it’s not falling forward. It’s kind of like a watch stem. You release it and then you have to turn it so this is really cool, and I’ve seen this happen, believe me, in a lot of my workshops where the cameras fall on the ground. So you lock it in very quickly and tighten this up and then you’re ready to shoot.

So, get this. All of the Induro ballheads, just like all of the Induro tripods, are designed for all weather use. Rain, sleet, or slow, that’s kind of cool which means you can use gloves to fine tune your shot. Now this is important for professionals like myself, but if you’re an aspiring professional, it’s also cool for you.

Wow, this is awesome. My goal today is to get a nice shot of the new Crotin Dam using a real slow shutter speed to blur the movement of that water. What’s going to help me get a creative shot using my Induro ballhead, the BHL3. This is going to be a ton of fun. Now all professionals know that when you’re shooting architectural landscape interiors, it’s really important to keep your camera level.

All of the ballheads have a built-in level, so it helps you get the straight shots that you want each and every time. The new ballheads have a special panel locking knob that lets you rotate your camera quickly and easily and then lock in the shot, but it goes beyond that. You have a built- in scale here that helps you line up your shots each and every time so you can get those perfect panoramas. By the way, if you are new to ballheads, the beauty of a ballhead is that with a single knob, a single control, you can rotate your camera in any position to get exactly the shot that you want.

Well, I’m all set up. I’m ready to shoot. First of all, I made sure that my camera is nice and level so I check the bubble level that’s built into the ballhead. I’m also on a tilted surface here so the ballhead is really helping me adjust the camera again so I have that nice, level shot. The other thing is this, I don’t know afterward, whether I’m going to like the horizontal shot or the vertical shot, so I’m going to shoot both ways, and that’s the beauty of the ballhead. I can shoot it both ways.

The next thing I want to tell you about is the unique feature to all of the ballheads. It’s a built-in drag control. Now this is really important for professionals. Sometimes, I’m shooting outside. I want a lot of movement so I can adjust, so I can actually track the birds in flight. If I’m in the studio where I’m not moving a lot, where the model’s not moving a lot, I can adjust it so I don’t get a lot of movement. The other thing is you can adjust this, and I’ve seen this happen in the studios where the photographer walks away and the camera flops down like this. You can adjust that so that doesn’t happen. So, once again, this drag control is a really cool feature. Beautiful.

I’d like to leave you with a little story. I teach workshops all over the world, hundreds of students a year. Many times students show up with inexpensive tripods. They show up with the inexpensive tripod, but they leave wanting, knowing that they need a really good tripod and a really good ballhead. So the point is you buy once, you’re all set. Finally, I want to tell you that all of the Induro products, the ballheads and the tripods, are backed up by the legendary Induro 5-year warranty. Well, that’s about it. I’ll catch you later.




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