Rogue Gels Review!

November 29th, 2011 by John Adkins
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ExpoImaging (the same company that makes the really cool Flash Benders and Expodiscs) has come out with two new, very cool products for speedlight users: the Rogue Gels Universal Lighting Filter Kit, and the Rogue Gels Filter Kit for the Rogue Grid.  The Universal Gel kit is designed to work with all sized speedlights and the Rogue Grid Gel kit is designed to work with their ever popular Rogue Grid.

The Universal kit comes with 20 tabbed filters and a band to attach the gels to any sized speedlight.  The kit includes various dramatic colors for effect, and a set of color correction gels to match your light with just about any available light from tungsten to florescent.  A really cool feature of these gels is that each one comes printed with the actual color and the number of stops of light each gel uses.  This can be really handy when determining how much light to use.  These gels also attach very easily to any speedlight with the included band.

The Rogue Grid kit is designed to be used with the new Rogue Grid and these fit easily in to the Rogue Grid holder.  This kit comes with the same tabbed 20 filters as the Universal kit and each gel is also marked with the color and number of stops of light each gel uses (I love this feature).  If you already have the Rogue Grid then this is a must have addition, and if you don’t have the grid, go out and pick one up, its priced right and easy to use!

Both kits come with their own carrying pouches which if you’ve used gels at all, you know how cumbersome it can be to keep these organized and stored for quick use.  Also, both kits have tabbed dividers inside that tell you what gels it contains and information about each gel …again this is an awesome feature! …did I say that already?

I use gels all the time in my photography and you can never have too many.  The new Rogue Gel Kits make it easy to have a broad selection of colored gels, organized and ready to use at a moment’s notice.  I included a short video below that shows you how to attach both sets of gels to your flashes.

Rogue Gels Video Review Transcript

Hi. This is John with, and today I’m doing a new review on the new Rogue Gels for speed lights. They come in two different styles. You can have them for the bare speed lights, or if you’re already using the Rogue grid they come out with a cool gel pack specifically for the  Rogue grids.

Let’s look at the first gel pack. This is the Universal lighting filter kit. It has all your basic colors including correction colors, and on the back of the packs, it also tells you the colors but also the stops of lights that you loose by using these. It’s a nice little set up. Each kit comes with their own bag, so you can keep your gels nice and organized and they also come with little tab dividers that tell you about each gel and also tell you the F stop of light that you’re going to loose by using these gels.

The Universal kit comes with a band which is used to actually attach the gels to your speed light. You simply just snap, slide the band over the head of your speed light, pick a gel. Notice these gels have these tabs. This is what you put under the rubber bands and the other cool thing about these gels is not only do the gel show you the color but they also show you the F stop loss. So in this case, the deep purple will use three and a half stops of light.

To put these on, you simply grab your rubber bands strap that comes with it, slide it down in one side; and you fold it over and snug the tab down into the other side. And the size of these gels really help you, because they cover the entire flash head evenly and I believe it will cover any size flash, not just the size flash that I have.

If you’re already using the new Rogue Grid, they came out with a set of gels specifically for the Rogue Grid and these are really a cool little feature and again, these come with their own bag and also both kits come with a little starter kit to tell you how to use them. And again, they have these really cool cards to tell you all the colors and tell you all the F stops of light you loose by using these. And these work really simple.

This is the Rogue Grid. You just pull off the grid, and pop the grid out of the grid holder. The gel itself is notched, just like an actual grids are. So there’s only one way to put these in accurately. You slide it into the end of the grid holder and then place your grid back into the holder itself; and then you have a gel that perfectly fits the front of your grid.

Again, these are really cool sets. You can have one if you already have the Grids. If you don’t have the grids, this is a really nice grid to pick up. This is again the Rogue Grid and it’s really neat to have the different gel sets for each of the two different systems. And also what I like about these are the carrying pouches. So that’s basically it.




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