Rotating Supercell Thunderstorm Timelapse

June 11th, 2013 by PetaPixel

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You know how much we love a good timelapse! Arizona-based photographer Mike Olbinski has been visiting the Central Plains of Texas for almost four years now in search of the perfect rotating supercell. A long-held goal of his, capturing one of these structures that look like massive, awe-inspiring “alien spacecraft” had always eluded him. That is, until his most recent trip.

It took driving through hail and torrential rains — as well as braving the possibility of a massive tornado which, thankfully, never formed — but Olbinski finally got the footage he’s been after.

The time-lapse was shot using a 5D Mark II and a Rokinon 14mm 2.8 lens. Because they approached the storm from the “wrong” side and underestimated just how fast it was moving, the time-lapse is broken up into a few parts, as they had to keep driving a safe distance away. Still, one could argue that the multiple vantage points make for a better time-lapse than if he had simply set up and shot it from the same position for an hour.

You can read more about the experience over on Olbinski’s blog.




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