We Have A Winner in the Snow Monkey Caption Contest!

January 29th, 2010 by Matt Dennison

"Before that Nat Geo spread you could have this whole place to yourself … now just look at it!"
–Tom Twigg

Our friends at Digital Photo Experience, Rick Sammon and Juan Pons, have judged the best caption for our contest, and picked Tom Twigg's caption above.  Lucky ( and creative) Tom gets his choice of NEOS Overshoes!

We're leaving all the entries up for your reading pleasure.  This contest was a blast, and we'll repeat it with a new image in the future!

Congratulations to Tom, thanks to Rick and Juan, and thanks to Martin Bailey for such a fine image!


Snow Monkey Caption Contest



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96 Responses to “We Have A Winner in the Snow Monkey Caption Contest!”

  1. Dave Welch says:

    This place is hotter than a Snow Monkey singles bar!

  2. Tim Turner says:

    Waitress! Cocktail please!

  3. Theodore A. Stark says:

    Snow monkeys seen fleeing the scene after discovering that the stomach of Bernard, centered below, did not agree with the gas station burrito consumed hours before. .

    GREAT shot Martin!

  4. Scott says:

    Well hello there, what’s your sign?

  5. Jim Goldstein says:

    Greeeeaaat! Bob peed in the pool again.

  6. Joshua Johnston says:

    “If I have to sit here with these kids for ONE MORE SECOND…….!”

  7. Gary Claspille says:

    I hope the Big Screen gets here before the Super Bowl!

  8. Tyler Ward says:

    One Bourbon! One Scotch! One Beer!

  9. Dean Neitman says:

    Hey, its a bit warm in this hot tub. I am getting cooked! Did anyone read the fine print on the brochure to see why this resort was free?

  10. Jonathan Alverson says:

    WHAT DO YOU MEAN MY TAB IS $300.00!?!

  11. Brian lottis says:

    OK, who was the smartie pants that put bleach in the Chimpanzee Hot Tub?

  12. Roy Balsley says:

    I KNEW I should have gone to Disneyland!

  13. Robert Adriaansen says:

    “Hey Bud, could you hand me a towel?”

  14. Michael Benson says:

    “Actually, I didn’t see the sign, and no I don’t want to swim in your toilet!”

  15. Tom Twigg says:

    Before that Nat Geo spread you could have this whole place to yourself … now just look at it.

  16. Andreas Resch says:

    “Was it blue lips or red face? I can’t remember when it’s time to get out of here”.

  17. Tom Reiman says:

    Hey, Do you suppose Rick Sammon is ever going to show up and teach us how to make this into an HDR image?

  18. Mike McGinnis says:

    ’bout time you got here to clean the pool!

  19. Kevin Moore says:

    C’mon Martin jump in, the waters great and I promise Stan will leave his trunks on this time!

  20. Roberto says:

    So, a quiet place ?
    I will rethink about my travel agency !

  21. stefan says:

    Gosh, how i hate the rush hour in the Monkey Hot Springs Jacuzzi !

  22. David Kennedy says:

    “That’s the last time I meet someone from Craigslist.”

  23. Ruben Ricardo says:

    In my next life, I just want to be Monkey again.
    Better than this is impossible!!!

  24. Jordan Stead says:

    “You are not coming in here with that camera! You’re sick!”

  25. Kevin Isabeth says:

    I gotta get a private pool!

  26. Tara Tanaka says:

    You think this hot water is making my FACE red…

  27. Mike Klarich says:

    You get what you pay for! It’s time to move-up to a nicer health club.

  28. Kelly Klarich says:

    Snow Monkey! Why do we live here? Which way to the nice warm jungle region?

  29. matt says:

    ‘you really think i know the way to mordor?’

  30. Eric Albert says:

    “Problems? You think you’ve got problems? Let me tell you about my day.”

  31. Nancy Campbell says:

    Do you think anyone will notice if I just pee over here? it’s too cold to get out!

  32. Mike Nardini says:

    Okay….Who peed in the pool?

  33. Deon Grandon says:

    Do you mind, we’re bathing here.

  34. Martin Bailey says:

    Pee, Shmee! it’s those damn “floaters” that get to you!

  35. Ray Medina says:

    Some Privacy Please!

  36. Jack Mueller says:

    No, leave the bathing suit ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Edward says:

    Any closer and I’ll feed you that camera.

  38. Linda van Rosmalen says:

    Do you mind exploring the light somewhere else?

  39. Robert Pickard says:

    Who said this water was hot?

  40. James Hicks says:

    This is really more than I can stand [I'm Thinking ]

  41. Paul Rebmann says:

    This place was a iot more fun in the 70′s.

  42. Lynn Wiezycki says:

    You just had to brag about our new hot tub!

  43. Dennis Oder says:

    “Dude, can’t you read the sign?? No cameras in the pool area! Stupid humans…”

  44. Dave Campbell says:

    You guys are acting like a bunch of monkeys.

  45. S. Martin says:

    You think this place is hop’n now, you should see it on a Saturday night!

  46. Jim Patterson says:

    Ya know, maybe that huge order of hot beans for the boys wasn’t that great of an idea!

  47. Marni Patterson says:

    I can’t believe I ate the whoooole thing.

  48. brah says:

    uuuuggghhhhh I hope this pool doesnt have the red urine indicator dye…….

  49. Peyton Hale says:

    I thought you said this place was gonna be filled with hot, blonde Norwegian chicks? Lemme see that brochure!

  50. Steve S says:

    Yes, it is real…

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