We Have A Winner in the Snow Monkey Caption Contest!

January 29th, 2010 by Matt Dennison

"Before that Nat Geo spread you could have this whole place to yourself … now just look at it!"
–Tom Twigg

Our friends at Digital Photo Experience, Rick Sammon and Juan Pons, have judged the best caption for our contest, and picked Tom Twigg's caption above.  Lucky ( and creative) Tom gets his choice of NEOS Overshoes!

We're leaving all the entries up for your reading pleasure.  This contest was a blast, and we'll repeat it with a new image in the future!

Congratulations to Tom, thanks to Rick and Juan, and thanks to Martin Bailey for such a fine image!


Snow Monkey Caption Contest



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96 Responses to “We Have A Winner in the Snow Monkey Caption Contest!”

  1. Mike Attanasio says:

    You think my face is red, wait till you see my………………..


    “WHY I OTTA…!!!”

  3. Pete Morris says:

    I’m peeing right now.

  4. Al Marsh says:

    $450 a night and no privacy!

  5. shawn says:

    Hey! Dey said der was gonna be Chicks!

  6. Bill Haines says:

    Trip to Japan – $3000.00
    Getting the “stink-eye” from a snow monkey – Priceless!

  7. Wayne Tester says:

    What ya lookin’ at? Of course we can swim.

  8. SexyNinjaMonkey says:

    “Barkeep! Dry Martini, shaken not stirred”

  9. Jason says:

    What the?!?! Who drank the last of the daiquiris?

  10. Doug Shoop says:

    Ah, buddy, yea, you with the camera. Would you mind reaching behind you and resetting the jacuzzi timer for another 15 minutes?

  11. Michael Henry says:

    Take one more picture and I am gonna shove that camera right up your…Don’t make me get out of this pool.

  12. Wayne Winter says:

    Of course, it’s clothing optional. What did you think?

  13. Donal Cunningham says:

    No, no, hot spring pools *always* smell this bad.

  14. darrin says:

    Who told everyone about this place?

  15. Kevin Brazell says:

    OOh! It’s a LADY!!!!!

  16. Mike Nalley says:

    “Don’t pee in our pool and we won’t swim in your toilet”

  17. Pedro says:

    “Either we are served or the poop will fly!”

  18. Darren C. says:

    Got a hair trimmer I could borrow?

  19. Matt says:

    Hey! Do you see anyone else here wearing shorts?

  20. Landon Michaelson says:

    Sure, I know you are good behind the lens too. But Joe MacaqueNally was here yesterday shooting for his new book, The Honshū Diaries.

  21. Jack Mueller says:

    Would you hurry and take the picture, I’m wet and it’s freezing!! Just use photoshop to give me a smile!

  22. Mike Bubb says:

    Martin Bailey Pro Photographer———-> $250 hr.

    Neos overshoes to get him there———-> $50.00

    Being caught in the tub in sub-zero weather ——————- Priceless :)

  23. Paul Hailes says:

    Hey! You going to take the picture already? This water isn’t as warm as it looks.

  24. Inger Davidsson says:

    “Liked the gist of Gorillas in the mist? Prepare for annoyed snow monkey fist…looks like he’s getting pissed.”

  25. Jim Clark says:

    I thought we were gonna be on Larry King

  26. Lisa Mason says:

    Ahhhhh I’m getting too old for these swingers pool parties.

  27. Chris Hammond says:

    “See the wet head to my left? He can’t hold his liquor”

  28. Barry Kirsch says:

    Just another Godawful day at the office.

  29. Jose Gutierrez says:

    “You’re shooting Sony? Seriously!?!”

  30. Kevin Halliburton says:

    “I think I’m OK with this whole global warming thing.”

  31. Gary says:

    I’m cannot get out, who removed the step ladder?

  32. Jeff says:

    So, how u doin’?

  33. Bill grisaitis says:

    I’m not only having a bad hair day but I seem to have come on Guys ONLY night!

  34. David Burren says:

    At least those bubbles have stopped! I think these guys should stop eating the beans!

  35. Kitty Mason says:

    Hey Man, my troop and I have been out rolling snowballs for the kids all day. I’m pooped out! Make mine a Shochu, double, with a twist of mint!

  36. Joseph Bieksza says:

    Not again!!!!!! I think I know who ate the Limberger cheese; Now…..everyone, we’re gonna need a little “down-there” dna sample and then you can all go back to whatever you were doing.

    CSI ‘Snow Monkey’

  37. tina odle says:

    This tub is having the same affect on all of us….Does my face look red to you?

  38. Tom says:

    Dang! I told you guys it was gonna’ be a sausage fest here today. Everyone knows the ladies don’t go clubbin’ on Tuesday afternoon.

  39. Ivan Boden says:

    If you tink dis little dip is gonna make us smell good, fugetaboutit.

  40. Brenda Bass says:

    All I wanted was a quiet weekend away with the wife and she invites the whole family!

  41. Ramsey Kraft says:

    Did any bring a bar of soap?

  42. Lisa Abeid says:

    I told my wife I was going to soak my thoughts……..

  43. Lisa Abeid says:

    I wonder IF I can grab some sushi we are in Japan

  44. Dara Feiler says:

    When is it my turn to have my back scratched?

  45. M.D. says:

    “Hey Man!! Do I take pics of you and your wife while you are bathing? Come back home!”

  46. Adam Miller says:

    “I insisted that a six person hot tub was more than we needed but nooo she had to have the big one!”

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