Spider Camera Holsters Review

December 5th, 2011 by Denise Ippolito






The SpiderPro Single Camera System is a great way to have your camera at your finger tips without the fuss of a strap. I like the quick release and the locking system that they have used to make this holster. This sturdy well made system uses a pin to connect to your camera (I recommend that you tighten it down with a wrench to make sure it is secure). It fits comfortably on my hip and lets me be “hands free”.  I like that I don’t have a strap over my shoulder. When carrying my 500mm lens on a tripod, having the holster for my second body is much more comfortable then having it strapped to my neck.

The company also offers a smaller Black Widow Holster for carrying your smaller lenses, and a dual holster for carrying two cameras at the same time. Visit Spider Camera Holster’s website to see a quick video clip and to learn more about these great holsters.

The SpiderPro Single Camera System is the one I chose because it handles my Canon 100-400mm lens safely and easily.

As a nature photographer, having quick easy access to your camera makes a world of difference. Outdoor Photo Gear has the SpiderPro and the Black Widow available.  I just love this holster and I have added it to my gear list so I thought that I would pass on the info.


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