Spring Is Coming–Beat The Winter Doldrums

March 15th, 2010 by Mike Moats

This is the time of year I get tired of winter up north here in Michigan and have to get creative to shoot. The University of Michigan runs a Botanical garden so I will go there some days, or I shoot some stuff indoors at home like feathers, agate slab stones, flowers, sea shells, butterfly mounts, leaves I've dried from the fall, etc.


Gerbera Flowers shot with Tamrom 60mm macro


Nautilus Shell, shot with Tamron 90mm macro


Turkey Feather, sprayed with water, shot with Tamron 90mm macro


Printed one of my ice images, added the butterfly mount on top of the print, did some color processing. Shot with Tamron 60mm macro.


Shot at the Botanical garden, U of M.Shot with Tamron 90mm macro


Agate Slab Stone, Shot with Tamron 90mm macro with 25mm extension tube.

So, be creative and shoot regardless of the weather outside!

You can visit Mike's blog here:  Tiny Landscapes



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