Sunrise Wonders and Wonderful Waterfalls in Mt. Rainier

September 26th, 2011 by Rick Sammon

Day one of the Mt.Rainier workshop that I am co-leading with DPE podcast co-host Juan Pons was spectacular. Here are a few of my shots – and a few tips.

Above: Expose for the highlights. Move the histogram to the right – but make sure you don’t have spike on the right. Also, get up super early to capture the sunrise. You can rest when you are dead. :-)

Above: Use slow shutter speeds to blur moving water. Start with a 1 second exposure and then try 2, 3 and 4 second exposures.

Above: Compose with different lenses. Here I used a Canon 14mm lens on my Canon 5 D Mark II to capture an extremely wide-angle view of the this beautiful waterfall. The lens is actually “seeing” ahead and down at the same time.

Above: Look for texture. The moss surrounding this waterfall adds a nice texture to the flowing water.
Explore the light,
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