The secret to quickly emailing images from Lightroom

July 29th, 2011 by John Batdorff

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Everyone knows I love Lightroom, but one of my biggest complaints about the software is its lack of a simple send via email button. I mean seriously, Adobe built an incredible program that has amazing noise reduction features, cool presets, and social networking integration via it’s Publishing Services, but can you find a  simple “send to email” button? No. I’ve used the built in export preset for email, but frankly I still find it to be a hassle.

Lightroom to Gmail plugin by Tim Armes

Lightroom to Gmail plugin by Tim Armes

This week a good friend pointed me in the direction of the LR/Gmail plugin by Tim Armes. The plug-in allows you to export your images directly out of Lightroom and into Gmail with very little effort. You first need to download the plugin from Adobe’s Lightroom Exchange.

Once you’ve installed the plugin using Lightroom’s Plugin Manager then simply select a photo that you wish to export. Next, select LR/Gmail in the drop down menu next to Export To. The plugin’s configuration is pretty straight forward from there and I think the most critical piece of information beyond your Gmail account info will be image size. Remember, the smaller the resolution the faster it’s going to send, but the quality of the print will be worse so make sure to ask the recipient what the intentions are for the image. If it’s simply to post online (like Facebook) then 72 dpi will suffice. If it’s to print a 4×6, you’ll probably want a resolution of 200 dpi.



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