These Aren’t Your Mother’s Galoshes!

November 9th, 2011 by Chris Klapheke

Think back to when you were a kid, heading to school in the snow or rain.

Your mom dressed you up to look like that poor little kid in Christmas Story, including horrendous, floppy black galoshes.  You just knew that the other kids would make fun of your big floppy rubber boots.

Things have changed dramatically today.  Galoshes, renamed overshoes, have gone hi-tech.  Gone are the slippery soles, the big ugly buckles and the floppy rubber.  Modern material, grippy soles and a tight fit take their place.  New overshoes fit like shoes, are easy to walk in, and most importantly, keep your feet warm and dry.

The best overshoes we’ve seen are made by NEOS, a company that makes both consumer and industrial footwear.  Their “uppers” are made from waterproofed Denier nylon (think high-end backpacks) and their soles are lugged just like your favorite hiking boot.  They are pretty snazzy-looking too!

NEOS come in insulated and non-insulated styles.  The non-insulated overshoes at 20º of warmth to your feet and the insulated styles add 40º.  The NEOS Navigator even has a 5” gaiter you can extend out of top of the boot for deep snow.

These new NEOS overshoes are high-tech and dare we say, even fashionable.  You won’t have the big kids teasing you anymore with these.

You can check out the NEOS overshoe line the OPG Store.



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3 Responses to “These Aren’t Your Mother’s Galoshes!”

  1. Kim says:

    Neos – Great way to keep my feet dry and warm during the rainy and winter months!

  2. Brian says:

    How well do you think these would work for active outdoor winter sports – specifically snowmobiling?

    • Chris Klapheke says:

      Pretty well! They are lightweight and have velcro fasteners at the top to keep out snow. Some models have gaiters too.

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