Think Tank Photo Modular System – Ben Wilmore

August 12th, 2010 by Matt Dennison

If you've never used a modular system for carrying your camera gear, check out this video courtesy of Think Tank Photo and presented by photographer, Photoshop author, trainer and guru of Ben Wilmore.  Ben explains how you can become more efficient, lighten your load and make taking photos while on the go, much easier.  Sweet!

You can checkout all the modular belt system options here.

If you'd like to learn more about everything Think Tank Photo has to offer you can check it out right here



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One Response to “Think Tank Photo Modular System – Ben Wilmore”

  1. fotofah says:

    1/ What I’ve done for years is to take two Canon rear lens caps, superglue them together. Having one of those sets makes it way faster to change lenses than what was demonstrated with just one rear lens cap.

    2/ What about the risk of theft from behind you in a sketchy urban area?

    3/ What about being able to stow your camera so it’s not immediately visible (or open to rain and such), again especially in an urban area where you may want to take candids or not be so obviously there with a camera in sight?

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