Think Tank Retrospective Bag Review

May 6th, 2011 by Juan A. Pons

In this video, Juan takes you through the cool features of the Think Tank Retrospective line, and compares the Retrospective 10, 20 and 30.  Think Tank has just released the Retrospective 5 with the same features in a size smaller than the 10.


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Hi, I’m Juan Pons from the Digital Photo Experience. I’m here to do a couple of product reviews for you guys, in conjunction with my friends at Outdoor Photo Gear. The first thing I want to talk to you guys about is this new line of Think Tank Photo bags. If you follow me at all, you know that Think Tank Photo bags are my favorite bags. They recently came out with this line of Retrospective bags.

There are three different sizes and in two different colors. They come in this pine stone color, which actually is turning out to be very, very popular. One of the cool things about this bag is that they have kind of a retro look to them. Following the normal Think Tank philosophy, these bags are made to be inconspicuous, meaning that you don’t look like you’re carrying very expensive photo gear around with you.

As with all other Think Tank Photo bags, these come with a full compliment of dividers and a lot of pockets and organizers inside to carry all of your gear. But what’s really cool about these bags, that I really like, is the fact that you can actually turn the bags into kind of a silent mode. So if you are at an event or wedding or you are a photojournalist and you can’t be opening and closing your bag and causing this big ripping effect of the Velcro opening and closing like you can see here, you can actually turn those Velcros off, if you will, and make the camera bags completely silent. That applies not just to the exterior flap but also to the pockets inside. The way that works is that they do have a flap here with another Velcro section, a loop section of the Velcro, that covers the hook part of the Velcro itself. So you can make these bags nice and quiet. Again, this applies to all three sizes of the bags and the two different colors.

The Retrospective line of bags are shoulder bags primarily, but they have two ways of carrying them. First they come with the shoulder strap, which is nice, wide, comfortable, and really beefy strap. I like that a lot. But they also come with a handle, so you can pick up the bags very easily. As with all other Think Tank Photo bags, they also come with a rain cover, so you can cover the bag if you find yourself in a torrential downpour.

So the three bags are the 10, the 20, and the 30. The 10 obviously being the smallest, but it still can hold two to four lenses, and it can also hold a pro body with a smallish, medium-sized lens attached to it, like my favorite 24-105. In addition to that, it has a pocket in the front, which can carry another body.

The 20 is the tallest of the three, and it can hold a pro body with a 70- 200mm lens inserted vertically into the bag itself. And it can still hold two to three lenses next to that. As with the 10, it has a pocket in the front where it can hold another body, even a pro body as well.

The 30 is the widest of the three, and approximately the same height as the 10. It can hold your lenses, four to five lenses inside, and it can even hold the 70-200 attached to the camera, but the difference is that the camera needs to be sitting lengthwise. It has two pockets in the front, so it can carry an additional two bodies, or if the inside is full of lenses you can put two bodies in the front as well.

Out of the three bags, the 20 has got to be my favorite. A lot of it has to do with the fact that it can hold a 70-200mm lens attached to your camera while still carrying a lot of other equipment inside very comfortably. I do like the pine stone finish of the bag. You can get them all in either black or this pine stone, but this pine stone finish is very stylish and also makes the bag look more retro.

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