Top 10 Annoying Things Photographers Say to Each Other

June 25th, 2010 by Paul Burwell

Paul’s post earlier this month–his list of the Top Ten Annoying Things to Say to a Wildlife Photographer was quite popular and it generated a lot of great comments.

With that same sharp wit, Paul has produced another Top Ten list:

This list compiles the top ten things that other photographers have said to him that I’ve found to be annoying. And, the more often I’ve heard something the more annoying it tends to be. That’s just the way I am.

If you’re a photographer who is easily offended or you can’t take a little bit of sarcasm, please don’t read any further. I don’t want your delicate sensibilities to be offended!

With that out of the way, presented in traditional count-down order, here are today’s Top Ten Annoying Things that Photographers Say to Each Other.


10. What settings are you shooting at? 

  • Get a group of photographers together shooting the same subject and invariably one of them will ask one or more of the others this question.  I believe it stems from a sense of insecurity where a less than confident photographer is worried that he’ll miss the shot that everyone else got.  Why not just ask me to send you my shots?
    • In a learning situation this could be a useful question although differences in equipment can make the answer moot.  But, in a group of peers, this question should never be uttered.

9. Did you see my shots in National Geographic? 

  • Is there any photographer who doesn’t want to be published in National Geographic?  Why risk a severe beating by flaunting your awesomeness?


8. Dude! Dude! You’re in my shot! 

  • And your feet are nailed to the ground?  Seriously?  Who calls someone “dude” in the first place?  Seriously!


7. I’m a Fine Art photographer. 

  • If someone can help me understand the difference between a “Fine Art” photographer and a portrait, wedding, landscape, photojournalist, sports or wildlife photographer, I might rescind this item, but the whole term strikes me as a bit pretentious.


6. The new K-tel Autocapture 5000 looks good, but I noticed there’s noise in the shadows at ISO 102400. 

  • Maybe the pixel peeping will never quit, but do we have to examine each and every pixel of every new camera to find a flaw only evident at billboard sized prints? Besides photographers more obsessed with pixels than photos, who really cares?


5. …in these tough economic times… 

  • Okay, this one isn’t specific to photographers, but I’m sick of hearing it.  I propose that the world set up a giant swear jar.  Every time someone utters the phrase ”…in these tough economic times…” they have to put one US dollar into the jar.  Not only will this reduce the use of this annoying phrase but the funds could be used to solve the current economic crisis.


4. All of my work is available as limited edition Giclée prints. 

  • So your printer sprays droplets of ink at the paper? Wow!  That’s exactly what my inkjet printer does.
  • Giclée is French don’t ‘cha know.  It’s pronounced “zhee-clay” and it sounds pretentious.  IMHO.


3. Oh that?  I can fix that later in Photoshop.

  • Not only is it annoying to hear, it is the calling card of a lazy photographer.


2. Oh, you’ve got the K-tel Autocapture 3000?  I just got the K-tel Autocapture 3000 Mark II. 

  • And that makes you a better photographer how?  Oh, that’s right–the Mark II finally introduces the “no sucky photos” setting, whereby the camera will simply not allow the creation of a poor photograph.
  • If so, there are some people I know that would think their K-tel Autocapture 3000 Mark II was broken when it never let them take a picture again!


1.  Dude!  Did you get this shot?

  • This is a common question from the serial chimper.  You know, the person you’re out shooting with who is continually chimping their images (looking at the LCD and then pointing and saying ”ooh, ooh, ooh” when they see something they like). They’ll call out when they find a photograph they think is great and you might have missed.  And, don’t call me dude!

I’m betting that if you’re a photographer who has spent any time photographing around other photographers that you’ve got a few of your own sayings to contribute. Go ahead. It’s very cathartic!

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  1. Craig says:

    You carefully move in and line up a bird, with perfect background. Someone shambles up noisily and exclaims loudly, “WOW! THAT LOOKS LIKE A SERIOUS CAMERA!” Whereupon the bird flies off in terror. Oh, ah, yeah, thanks a lot (moron).

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