Troy The Tree – WHAT?!

December 14th, 2012 by Clay Cook

Every photog needs this stuff.

PowerPax Battery Caddy
BlackRapid Metro Sling Strap
Gura Gear Tembo Memory Wallet
BlackRapid Wrist Strap
Ollo Clip for iPhone
Photographic Solutions Sensor Check
Hoodman Raw Steel USB 3.0



Buying for a photographer is like buying for a 5-year-old kid; as soon as
you buy them one thing, they want something else. Here is a few things that
every photographer is going to want, like the Power Pax Battery Caddy.
Handy? Yeah, but you’re probably going to lose it anyways. The BlackRapid
Metro Strap; even a tree can afford this one. [inaudible: 00:45] wallet;
it’s just another memory wallet, right? No way.

The wrist strap from BlackRapid; bringing it back with the wrist strap. The
Olloclip. Do you have 5,000 Instagram followers? Because I do. The Sensor
Check; I don’t even know what this thing does, but you want to know what,
it’s awesome. The Hoodman Card Reader; this thing is USB 3.0. It’s faster
than a falling tree.

You don’t need to know about model Canon XYZla-dee-frickin-da, because
every photog needs this stuff. I’m watching you.




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