Universal L-Bracket Advantages

February 6th, 2012 by Mike Moats

An L-bracket allows photographers with short focal length lenses without collars, to easily change your camera from a horizontal position to a vertical position.Here is my D7000 with a matching specific L-Bracket attached set in the horizontal position.


Because the L-Bracket is designed to wrap around the side of the camera, I can now reset the camera to a vertical position.


The problem with L-Brackets is they are all designed to fit each individual camera. So if you change to a new camera you have to buy a new L-Bracket for that camera.  Not that it would be a big deal if the L-bracket was cheap, but my last one cost me $130.

Acratech makes a Universal L-Bracket that will fit most all DSLRs and other camera formats as well.  This bracket runs about $225 which is pricey, but it will fit all your cameras and will prevent you from having to spend way more in the long run buying L-Brackets every time to buy a new camera.

Another nice feature is you can mount it on your tripod and switch out different cameras on the same L-Bracket, so you don’t have to buy L-Brackets for each camera body you own.

Here is a look at the Acratech Universal L-Bracket. You can see a mounting system that can be adjusted side to side for each different camera and it will accept an Arca-Swiss mounting plate, mounted on the bottom of the camera.


Here it is mounted onto my tripod.

You will need a tripod head that has a Arca-Swiss mounting system for this to connect to, like Acratec, and Induro. Unfortunately  these L-Brackets will not work on the Manfrotto ballheads unless you do so conversions to the head.


Now I’ve added my Panasonic GH2 in Horizontal position.


And now the vertical position with the GH2


Now I’ve changed to my D7000 in horizontal position.


And my D7000 in vertical position.


So in the long run you will have a more versatile system and save lots of money.

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