UPS Profiles Outdoor Photo Gear in Company Newsletter

November 30th, 2010 by Matt Dennison

Editor's note:  Last week UPS profiled OPG in their Air Group newsletter "The Launch" which goes out to 7000 UPS Air employees worldwide.  We are thrilled to be included and have reposted the article below.

UPS helps photo gear retailer move into international markets.

Louisville-based online retailer Outdoor Photo Gear relies on UPS to help give picture-perfect service to its customers around the world. Clients include pros and hobbyists, from photographers heading to Africa for a photo safari to shutterbugs shooting in their back yard.

“We invite our customers to capture their world, wherever it may be, and bring it back to us through their images,” the company’s Accounting and Customer Service Manager Kim O’Neal said.

“To us, ‘outdoor’ photography encompasses all types of photography: wildlife, nature, avian, landscape, travel, journalism, adventure and event photography,” said owner Chris Klapheke, who is an avian and nature photographer.

Outdoor Photo Gear has been a UPS customer since February 2009. The company has more than 1,100 products for customers to choose from and is continually adding more to its inventory, according to O’Neal.

The e-commerce business carries products from tripods, reflectors and rain covers for camera gear to camouflage photography blinds that cover photographers and their gear, allowing them to view and photograph wildlife without being seen.

“Having an e-commerce business allows us to provide quality gear to photographers all over the world without limiting our customer base,” O’Neal said. “We have a range of equipment and prices. Everything we sell has been field tested for photographers by photographers.”

O’Neal said that the company has its inventory on site at its distribution facility/office in Louisville, adding that even though they are primarily an e-commerce site, they have a showroom in Louisville and many local photographers stop by to check out their merchandise.

“Our products are close at hand and that gives us a real advantage,” O’Neal said. The small staff is able to provide personalized service to customers, along with information about the products. “At Outdoor Photo Gear, we personally pick, pack and ship our products to our customers,” she said.

Outdoor Photo Gear has been a “loyal UPS customer,” according to UPS account executive Doug Costner.

O’Neal said the company chose UPS as its shipper because of Louisville’s Worldport facility and because UPS is dependable. “Prices are also competitive especially on large shipments,” she said.

“While experiencing consistent growth since becoming a UPS customer, Outdoor Photo Gear has taken advantage of UPS business solutions such as Paperless Invoice and Quantum View Manage,” Costner said. O’Neal said it is easy to use UPS’s online tools.

Many of Outdoor Photo Gear’s customers live outside of the U.S. “We have experienced strong growth internationally,” O’Neal said.

“UPS has had an impact in Outdoor Photo Gear’s business by helping it expand into international markets,” Costner said. “The decision to grow the business into international markets has proved to be a good one and UPS has certainly helped make that transition as smooth and cost-effective as possible.”

O’Neal credits both UPS and her company’s webmaster, Matt Dennison, who designed the company’s website. She said Outdoor Photo Gear has worked on its e-commerce platform to make it easier for international photographers to find the business on the web. “This has contributed to our strong international growth,” she said.

Outdoor Photo Gear also sponsors free photo workshops and presentations in the Louisville area. Check the company’s website for schedules and subjects.

For more information call 866-810-2456 or 502-244-2888.



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