Where’s Fuzzy?

June 28th, 2011 by John Batdorff

The eggs in the flower box

I’ve lived in Chicago for nearly 11 years now and I’ve come to appreciate the little surprises the city has to offer this small town boy. But, last week things took me by surprise.

I wasn’t thrown off by the $4.75 a gallon gas at the local gas station last week. Nor was I surprised when I was in downtown Chicago visiting with my sister and her Girl Scout troop when 3,000+ NUDE cyclists rode down Michigan Avenue protesting the use of fossil fuels. Sure, that one took me wee bit longer to explain to my daughter than the $4.75 gas. But nude people and high gas seem like a normal day here in Chicago.

Instead, what took me by surprise was when I went to water our flower boxes on the back deck and found our poppies had been torn out and replaced with four jumbo sized eggs!

We left the nest alone over the weekend the culprit finally made herself known…a female Mallard duck. I’ve seen a lot in the city but I have yet to deal with this — especially on my watch!

The culprit — a female Mallard duck

The duck has successfully laid eight eggs to complete her clutch and now will sit for 28 days until they all hatch at once. How they get down three stories to safety is yet to be seen, but we’ve placed several calls into the DNR who reminded us that the bird is federally protected (sort of figured) and must be allowed to finish the process naturally. Yikes!

She looks pretty happy in the flower box ;)

Of course, my daughter immediately named the duck “Fuzzy.” I’m not sure how bright Fuzzy is, but I know the next few weeks I’ll be brushing up on my bird photography!

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  1. denise ippolito/A Creative Adventure says:

    This is a great story and I enjoyed reading it very much. Please keep us informed. I love a happy ending :)

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