Wow! You Must Have A Good Camera!

October 7th, 2010 by Mike Moats


The title of this post is a line that photographers hate to hear when people comment on their images.  I hear this one a lot at my art shows.  Due to the digital and photoshop age, people tend to think great images are produced by great equipment, when in fact low-end camera equipment can produce good quality images in the hands a of competent photographer.  The opposite is true as well:  top of the line equipment can easily shoot bad images by a careless photographer.

I ran across a video on called, “The iPhone Fashion Shoot By Lee Morris”.  Lee proves that a good photographer can produce good image even with a camera phone.

He attaches his camera phone to a tripod with velcro, sets up some lighting, and does a model shoot to prove his point: that it’s not all about the equipment. 

Here is a quote from Lee Morris:

“A few weeks ago I did a full fashion photo shoot with my iPhone 3gs. I posted a few of the images and asked people to critique them (never exposing that they were shot on my cell phone). I couldn’t help but laugh when a few of our readers claimed that these were “the best images I had ever taken.” Nobody ever claimed that they were too grainy, too soft, or lacked detail”.

If you can do this well with a camera phone, just think how good your images will look with a entry level digital SLR!

Most importantly, get out and shoot.  Your images will improve, no matter what your equipment.

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One Response to “Wow! You Must Have A Good Camera!”

  1. Aaron Cushing says:

    Last week I was having dinner, including home-made bread, at a friends house. I’d recently posted some new photograghs in my Flickr gallery. My friend was commenting about how much she loved the images, “I love your camera, it takes BEAUTIFUL pictures!” To which I immediately replied, “I love your oven; it makes awesome bread!” I think she even got the idea ;-)

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