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"The Strato II Multi by Phottix radio flash trigger.

I was photographing in Indiana Caverns when my flash fell 45 feet into a pit. It hit the pit wall about ninety times or about every six inches. It just wouldn't stop hitting and land on the bottom. To top it off it was an archeological site and it had to lay in the wet mud overnight until a trained person could get the flash. The Vivitar 283 was trashed but the radio trigger works just fine. The Strato has been on about twenty cave photo trips and has worked perfectly. It is one tough piece of gear."
ken bailey

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A Guide to Creative Filters and Effects by Denise Ippolito edited by Arthur Morris

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A Guide to Creative Filters and Effects by Denise Ippolito edited by Arthur Morris Photography Equipment Free Shipping
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A Guide to Creative Filters and Effects  and Denise Ippolito and edited by Arthur Morris covers the use of filters and effects to create stunning and creative images.

Learn to use both Photoshop and third-party filters such as those from Nik Software and Topaz Labs.

Some of the filters and effects detailed in the Guide are:

  •   Topaz Simplify, Clean, & BuzSim Filter
  •   Flaming Pear Filter (including Swerve, Twist & Vein)
  •   Fractalius (including Denise's Soft-Fix preset creation)
  •   Adding Texture
  •   NIK Color Efex Pro including Midnight Filter
  •   Omni Lighting
  •   Pinch Filter
  •   Twirl Filter
  •   Ripple Filter
  •   Radial Blur
  •   Find Edges Filter
  •   Orton Effect
  •   Blank Canvas Creations!
  •   The Mixer Brush
  •   The New Paste Special Option in CS-5
  •   DAP
  •   Polar Coordinates and Mini-Worlds
  •   Holiday Lights Creations
  •   Snap Art 2 Impasto Filter
  •   Creating Composites
  •   Creating Your Own Brush Presets
  •   Using Blend Modes Creatively
  •   Using Layer Masks and Inverse Layer Masks Creatively
  •   Kaleidoscopes
Turn ordinary images into works of art with this amazing ebook.

This ebook is laid out in landscape format to make for easy viewing and easy reading on your computer monitor.

A Guide to Creative Filters and Effects is a 166 page downloadable PDF with numerous illustrative images.

Arthur Morris is a freelance nature photographer and writer specializing in birds. With more than 20,000 of his stunning images published all over the globe, Arthur is recognized as one of the world s premier bird photographers. He is a Canon Explorer of Light and a Fellow of the North American Nature Photographers Association.