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"I just received the x-small Neos. Thanks so much for your prompt and courteous service!!!"

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About Us

Our goal at Outdoor Photo Gear is to provide you with a wide selection of quality photo gear at great prices, while giving you the very best customer service you will find anywhere--online or in person.

At Outdoor Photo Gear, we work right next to the products we sell.  Our shelves are fully stocked. Having inventory on site and close at hand gives us, and you, a real advantage: We can provide you information with our products in hand, so you can get answers to your most important questions. When you call or email us we'll be happy to double check stock levels for you--crucial when delivery of a time-sensitive order is critical. At Outdoor Photo Gear we personally pick, pack, and ship our products to your door; according to your specifications.  As photographers, we endorse what we sell.

We believe that running a great store is the same as taking a great photograph: you have to— “be there.”

To us, “outdoor” photography encompasses all types of photography: wildlife, nature, avian, landscape, travel, journalism, adventure and event photography. We want to bring you great gear, and service that moves you outside and into the wide world of outdoor photography. We invite you to capture your world, and bring it back to us through your images.

Our crew has a unique blend of experience and expertise in retail sales, photography, video, internet technology, and customer service.

Chris Klapheke

Chris Klapheke’s retail business background spans nearly 30 years in the video and electronics businesses. Chris started and developed several retail chains before making the transition to e-commerce. His passion for photography has transitioned as well, from film to digital, and from being photo customer, to photo retailer. Currently, Chris concentrates on avian and nature photography. Chris also organizes and assists in photo workshops around the country, which provide him the opportunity to interact with the outdoor photography community in the field. This interaction provides input and guidance to tailor Outdoor Photo Gear to best serve its customers.


Kim VanMeter

Kim VanMeter has worked with Chris for 12 years, providing accounting, administration, human resources, and outstanding customer service. She has managed customer service for large retail chains as well as for small e-commerce teams. Many customers and vendors in the outdoor photo community will recognize Kim from her work with a previous online photo gear store. Like all of our crew, Kim is hands-on with our products and really knows her stuff! Kim enjoys casual outdoor photography and loves going to the lake house with her family and friends.

Clay Cook

Clay Cook began his creative career in the music industry, after 10 years in that business, his passion had leaned towards photography, cinematography and graphic design. Both in-house and as consultant, Clay has developed market strategies and social media campaigns. Constantly collaborating with fresh designers, national models, filmmakers and other photographers, Clay has also built a reputable photography business. Now, as a published photographer, specializing in fashion editorial, commercial and lifestyle photography, Clay brings his knowledge of marketing, photography, cinematography and graphic design to Outdoor Photo Gear.


Troy Eckburg

Troy Eckburg's background is comprised of retail, extensive customer service support, and variegated I.T. experience. In past employment, he managed inventory for a mid-size company along with aiding a regional hospital in their computer information systems department. The retail environment gave him excellent opportunities to understand the mechanics of a business as well as marketing products to customers. Although being a neophyte regarding the e-commerce industry, he has enjoyed learning and serving along side of the team at Outdoor Photo Gear. Troy enjoys the mountains of the northeast as well as the ski slopes. However, you will most likely find him spending time at a local coffee shop sipping tea and reading a book.

Robert Blum

Robert Blum spent 25 years in the book store business, on both customer service and inventory side. Robert is glad to be with the growing e-commerce business at Outdoor Photo Gear. His love of the outdoors includes hiking, disc golf and gardening.

The Gear Advisory Board

At Outdoor Photo Gear, we strive to find and to stock only the best products for outdoor photography.

To assist us in testing out and reviewing new products, we turn to our experts in the field. Our Gear Advisory board photographers
spend countless hours in the field and thoroughly test the gear they recommend to us.

Take a look at their work—we’re sure you will be impressed!

Juan Pons

Juan A. Pons was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and grew up specializing in black and white film imagery. While Juan now uses digital photography technology exclusively, his images are unaltered and present subjects as they appear in nature. Juan has been recognized for the considerable skill he has developed in digital photography and now runs a business offering services to other photographers in the early stages of using digital photography technology. Juan runs an active wildlife photo blog and specializes in wildlife workshops at Yellowstone Park.

As a nature and wildlife photographer, Juan is a strong supporter of wildlife and natural habitat conservation and is a member of several conservation organizations. Juan donates many of his images to non-profit organizations with nature and wildlife preservation missions.

Juan, his wife Abby, and their son Nathaniel live in Pittsboro, North Carolina. Juan never ceases to be amazed by the natural subjects he photographs and hopes that sharing his photographs will inspire others to appreciate and respect natural life.

Juan’s work has been featured on numerous publications, including: Sierra Magazine, Nature Conservancy, Audubon Magazine, Audubon North Carolina, Wildlife in North Carolina, The Independent, and others.


Scott Goldsmith

Scott Goldsmith's photography has been described by many as "Unconventional, Honest,
and Surprising."

Born and raised in north central Indiana, Scott started his photo journalism career working for the high school newspaper, and blossomed at Indiana University where he won the College Photographer of the year Hearst Competition and the Indiana Photographer of the Year award.

Scott worked for the Pulitzer prize winning Louisville Courier-Journal for seven years before moving to Pittsburgh to begin his private practice. He was a contract photographer with US News & World Report from 1992-2008. His work has taken him to the jungles of Costa Rica, the swamps of Jamaica, the slums of Haiti, caves, deserts, and several rides on Air Force One with the president.

He has worked in 49 of the 50 US states and 10 foreign countries.

Scott has won over 100 awards for his work including the 2008 edition of Communication Arts and the 2009 edition to be released this summer.


Martin Bailey is a Tokyo based nature and wildlife photographer, specializing in photographing the Nature of Japan. Born in England in 1967, Martin has lived in Japan since 1991, spending much of his time photographing the natural places of that beautiful land. Martin also runs popular wildlife and landscape photography workshops and photography tours and does assignment work for clients from around the globe.

Martin is a dedicated educator: in addition to his workshops, he shares anything and everything he knows through his popular weekly photography Podcast, available in iTunes, as well his popular Photography Forum and his blog.

With weather systems coming down from Siberia, Martin's running ground of northern Japan and Hokkaido provides extreme winters and searing summers. This unforgiving environment for outdoor photography equipment along with Martin's ability to relay review results in a down to earth and easy to understand way make Martin an excellent choice for our Gear Advisory Board.



Joe Mccabe

Joe McCabe is a fine art photographer based in Juneau, Alaska. Joe’s subject matter encompasses the natural beauty of his Alaskan surroundings, and includes still life, landscapes, and wildlife. He often fuses his camera images with processing software to create digital works which engage the viewer in unique ways.

Joe revels in the Alaskan outdoors. Climbing mountains, exploring ice caves, whale watching on his boat, the Quill Pig, hiking glaciers and more are part of Joe’s weekly regime.
The challenging Alaskan climate provides Joe with many opportunities to critically test out gear.

Joe regularly exhibits his work around Alaska. His still life images are currently included in a traveling exhibit as part of Alaska Positive, and Joe has chaired the Alaska Photographic Arts Association.

Joe shares his life in Alaska with his lovely wife, Evelyn and their horse, Jenny Blue Eyes.