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"You guys are awesome! I have never ordered something online and got it delivered as quick as you guys have!
Its exactly what I ordered with all the info I need to use the product.
You guys rock!"
Alena Fears

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Cotton Carrier Side Holster

Arriving Soon
Cotton Carrier Side Holster Photography Equipment Free Shipping
This item's status is: Available for immediate delivery. We keep our inventory in store to ship promptly, and to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to give us a call at 866-810-2456 or order now by adding to your cart.
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The Cotton Carrier Side Holster allows you to carry your camera on your waist belt, camera bag, backpack or belt system.  You can also use the Side Holster to carry a second camera on your Cotton Carrier Systems.
Perfect for regular body DSLRs and Micro 4/3 cameras!  Great for photo walks and events where you don't want a camera strap getting in your way.
Comes with the Cotton Carrier hub for regular cameras and safety tether.
SKU: 500 CCH.3-2946