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Creative B&W Processing Techniques by Guy Tal

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"We all have our little bag-of-tricks for creating photographs, but one of the joys of this ebook was finding new techniques that would let me take my photographs to the next level. Photography is a process of constant improvement, and Guy's ebook definitely helps you do this."

óJeff Colburn
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Creative B&W Processing Techniques by Guy Tal Photography Equipment Free Shipping
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Creative B&W Processing Techniques by Guy Tal can help you create stunning Black & White images, no matter what your skill level.
Though long rooted in traditional chemical processes and techniques, B&W photography today lends itself very well to digital tools, offering the same degree of creative control and quality of results, and in many cases surpassing them with enhanced precision, greater latitude, and a workflow based on real-time visual feedback rather than educated guesswork.
Designed as a companion to Creative Processing Techniques, this eBook covers a creative approach and a processing framework for making digital B&W images.
Examples provided in this eBook use Adobe Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS6.
This eBook is a 59 page PDF file and utilizes a template designed to accommodate a wide variety of devices, including the high resolution retina display of the Apple iPad 3.