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Creative Digital Printing by Guy Tal

Why We Like it:
"In addition to wonderful images and philosophy, Guy's book has actual creative exercises that force you to think about your shooting process.  The whole book is very well done"

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Creative Digital Printing by Guy Tal  Photography Equipment Free Shipping
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In this eBook Creative Digital Printing, Guy Tal reviews the complete process of making fine-art prints, explaining both creative and technical aspects including sizing, sharpening, optimizing resolution, handling color conversion and gamut issues, and much more.
This book provides detailed examples using both Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, including ways of overcoming some of the limitations of Lightroom, making it a more versatile tool. Covered are techniques for both utilizing your own printer, as well as preparing files for outsourced printing.
This eBook is an 96 page pdf file.

Guy Tal is a photographer, writer and naturalist living in Torrey, Utah, in the heart of a unique and scenic desert region known as the Colorado Plateau. He chooses nature photography as a way of capturing and sharing the beauty, power, and fragility of wild places and the life that inhabits them.  Guy's images and articles are widely published, and his images are available as fine art prints at his gallery in Torrey.