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Decisive Moments - Creating Iconic Imagery by Scott Linstead

Why We Like it:
"Inspiring, motivating, captivating.  All of us at the office were mesmerized by Scott's images, and enjoyed his stories behind them!"

--Chris, Matt & Kim
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Special Signed Edition!
These Decisive Moments books are signed by Scott.
Limited Quantities.
Decisive Moments - Capturing Iconic Imagery was written by Scott Linstead for both the nature lover and the photographer. Enjoy the images, read the stories behind how they were created, or delve a little deeper and discover the details that will inspire you to create your own. Linstead’s photographs are captured by employing high-speed studio techniques, or by traditional action photography. His secrets are all here, carefully woven within the quirky anecdotes and real-life challenges inherent in the pursuit of that photograph with universal impact.

 Decisive Moments features:

  • Over 50 of Scott’s best images
  • Hard cover, 64 pages, 8.5" x 11"
  • Includes sensational, previously unpublished material
  • Makes an excellent gift!

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Scott Linstead is an internationally published, freelance wildlife photographer/writer. His clients include Natural History Magazine, Hewlett Packard, Ranger Rick Magazine and a number of wildlife publications in North America and Europe. Scott's column on the techniques of bird photography appears in every issue of Outdoor Photography Canada.
“Scott's macro work, especially the jumping spiders, is absolutely spectacular. It's always exciting to see new talent and I'm certain this young man is just getting started.”

—Daniel J. Cox

“In nature the decisive moment is often a moment of... life and death, where predator and prey meet. A lot of photographers try to catch that instant with their camera. Where many try, Scott Linstead succeeds and he brings us a glimpse into the natural world that we seldom get to see up close. Linstead's images tell the story of the struggle for survival in those fractions of a second when it's actually happening.”

—Chistopher Robinson
Editor, Outdoor Photographer Magazine

“Most coffee table books are strictly spectator experiences. This one doesn't just make you ooh and ahh -- though it does that -- it invites you to jump in and tells you how to create your own action nature photographs. It's a participatory coffee table book. A coffee table and photo blind book.”

—Annie Gottlieb
Copy Chief, Natural History Magazine

"Scott brings a generous spirit of humor, intelligence and a refreshing modesty to this collection of nature stories and photographs".

—Susan McElhinney
Photo Editor, Ranger Rick magazine.