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"I have been buying gear from OPG for several years now and have been always impressed with their customer commitment. Not only is the gear top quality and well priced but their customer service even for a customer half a world away in Brisbane Australia is awesome. Only once has a product failed me and it was a fault of the manufacturer not OPG however Chris was quick to provide a fix free of charge.
I am very comfortable buying on-line from afar with OPG!"
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Delkin SensorScope 3 Cleaning System

Delkin SensorScope 3 Cleaning System
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Delkin SensorScope 3 Cleaning System
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Delkin SensorScope 3 Cleaning System Photography Equipment Free Shipping
Delkin SensorScope 3 Cleaning System Instruction Manual
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Delkin has added new items to their popular SensorScope System!
The accumulation of debris on your sensor over time is inevitable, particularly for those who change their lenses frequently or shoot in humid or dusty environments. No matter what the source, even a slightly dirty sensor will compromise the quality of your photos, especially in your most detailed closed aperture shots. Clean up with the SensorScope System!
The System includes:
SensorScope®:  True 5x magnification and 4 ultra-bright LEDs provide total focused illumination of your sensor, enabling quick, easy and precise inspection.  Fits all DSLRs. adjustments.
SensorVac®:  Safely remove small abrasive particles from the sensor with its static free brush head and powerful dual-speed motor. A built in LED provides illumination of the sensor surface for easy visibility during cleaning.
SensorSafe® Wands:  Clean oils, condensation, pollen and other chemically adhered debris from the sensor surface with these custom sized, doubled sided wicked sensor wands. Includes 12 16mm (small), 6 20mm (medium) and 6 24mm (large) individually sealed SensorSafe® Wands.
SensorSolution®: This streak-free low residue formula is scientifically engineered to safely break down stains, oils and chemically bonded debris on the surface of DSLR image sensors and low pass filters when used in conjunction with SensorSafe® Wands. Air travel friendly.
SensorPen® (new):  Polish the sensor surface and reach edges and crevices with the SensorPen® by Lens Pen. A triangular sensor tip and specialized material for professional cleaning results.
Cleaning Cloth (new):  Keep your SensorScope® lens clear and oil free with the included lint-free cleaning cloth.
Refills for the System are available here.
Preparing your DSLR camera for SensorScope cleaning or any other sensor cleaning system can be easily accomplished by following these seven quick steps:

  1. Make sure the battery is fully charged and power is on during the entire cleaning process.
  2. Sensor Cleaning feature will be located under the Menu option of your DSLR.
  3. Pressing the shutter button will usually trigger the mirror to lock in place, leaving the image sensor exposed until cleaning is complete.
  4. Remove the camera lens, and begin dry and wet cleaning methods with SensorScope System tools.
  5. When cleaning is complete, turning the power off will reset the mirror and shutter for immediate use.
  6. Remember to keep sensor cleaning to a minimum. Some tips to consider are turning the DSLR power off and facing the camera downward when changing lenses.
  7. Periodically use your SensorScope System to maintain the cleanliness of your device.