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"With only weeks to spare, I found out that my large camera bag was not going to work for my upcoming overseas trip. I found OPG online and ordered a Small Tenba Shootout bag and the following day, it was shipped. I am very happy with the service that I have received from OPG and I will be ordering again from them soon. They also threw in a piece of candy with my order to sweeten the deal. "
David Morefield
(Fluffyshotme Photography)

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Eckla Sunroof & Windscreen for Beach Rolly

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Eckla Sunroof & Windscreen for Beach Rolly Photography Equipment Free Shipping
Eckla Sunroof & Windscreen for Beach Rolly Instruction Manual
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Turn your Beach Rolly into a comfortable, shaded seat!
The Eckla Sunroof & Windscreen for the Eckla Beach Rolly extends the back of the cargo compartment by 17" (43 cm) and provides a sunroof when you use your Beach Rolly as a seat.
Available in olive/khaki color.
Please note that the Sunroof & Windscreen cannot be used at the same time as the Multi Holding Bar, as they both attach to the same place on the frame.
SKU: ECKLA-77729